Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Star Maa, Missed Call Numbers, Online Voting

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Star Maa, Missed Call Numbers, Online Voting

Vote for BB Telugu 6 in Bigg Boss Telugu. Voting is a process in which people are allowed to choose the candidates they support the most in BB Telugu 6 and prevent them from being eliminated. Every weekend, the contestants with the fewest Bigg Boss 6 Telugu votes will be eliminated. 50 votes per person per day will be distributed via Gmail ID.

The complete details regarding Bigg Boss Telugu voting are provided below. The sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu, managed by Disney Plus Hotstar, has begun. Right now, everyone is busy voting for BB Telugu.

6 votes for Bigg Boss Telugu

Today’s Bigg Boss elimination Telegu Who was eliminated in today’s Bigg Boss 6 Telugu elimination? Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Results Today Live | BB 6 Telugu Elimination List Week-by-Week: The nominations for Bigg Boss Telugu 6 have concluded after the first week. Inaya, Bala Aditya, Abhinaya, Faima, Arohi, Chanti, Sri Satya, and Revanth are the participants on the nomination list.

The Class, Mass, Trash task was kept for Adi Reddy, Neha, and Nettu. Candidates for nominations cast many votes for Revanth and Sri Satya. Candidates seem to be having issues with Revanth and Sri Satya’s attitude in the house.

6 Votes For Bigg Boss Telugu

Your search is over if you’re confused about how to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu this weekend. Here, you’ll find all the information you need on the voting process and results. The show’s host has been Akkineni Nagarjuna.

The Bigg Boss show is well-liked in all languages, but the Telugu version is particularly popular thanks to this season’s host, Akkineni Nagarjuna. On September 4, 2022, The Bigg Boss 6 Telugu premiered, with about 16 contestants willing to spend 100 days inside the house. Below, you can conduct a one-by-one search for Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote information from A to Z.

Bigg Boss 6 Information

Show NameBigg Boss Telugu Season 6
Telecasted From4 September 2022
JudgeAkkineni Nagarjuna
HousematesTop 16 Contestants
TelevisionStar Maa
Show Timings10 PM on Mon – Fri
9 PM Sat -Sun
Show TypeReality-TV Show
Bigg Boss WinnerTBA
Winner Prize Money50 Lakh Indian Rupees

Voting for Bigg Boss Telugu 6

On September 4th, the upcoming sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu will premiere, hosted by famous actor Akkineni Nagarjuna! 16 candidates will enter the home and engage in conversation with one another in an effort to avoid being eliminated. Candidates will encounter a variety of obstacles each week.

Participants will reduce their chances of being chosen as the nominee for the voting process by tackling these issues. Candidates begin nominating one another every week. Next, a voting process for the song with the most nominations is required. At that point, viewers of the program will cast ballots that ultimately decide the fate of the nominee for that particular week.

Voting for Bigg Boss Telugu 6
Sr No.Contestant NameProfession
1Adi ReddyYoutuber
2Bala AdityaActor
3Arjun KalyanActor
4Arohi RaoActress
5Abhinaya SreeActress
6Chalaki ChantiActor
8Geetu RoyalYoutuber
9Inaya SultanaActress
10Keerthi BhatTV Actress
11Rohit & Marina SahniActor/Actress
12Shani SalmonActor
13Neha ChowdaryTV Anchor
15Sri SatyaActress
17Sudeepa PinkyTV Actress
18RJ SuryaRadio Jockey
19Raja ShekarModel
20Vasanthi KrishnanActress

Voting for Bigg Boss Telugu online

The process for voting online is very simple. There will be 10 votes total for each fan. They have the option of distributing their votes among the various candidates or casting all of their votes for a single rival. Follow these straightforward instructions to vote:

  • Launch the browser of your choice and search for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.
  • Hit the official Snippet after that.
  • Once on the official website, you must register using your Google account.
  • You should be able to see the candidates who are on the nomination list for that particular week after logging in with one of the introduced accounts.
  • Choose your favorite candidates from the list, then cast your ballot.

Telugu Vote for Bigg Boss Missed Call Numbers

Another way supporters can vote is to leave a missed call at a candidate’s specific number. Anyone can participate in this process because it is relatively simple. Please remember that fans may still submit a missed call even after it has been submitted to the online voting system.

We’ll walk you through the Bigg Boss Telugu missed call procedure below. Please be aware that you must have a switched mobile number in order to make a missed call. Any mobile device will work perfectly for this process.

  • To enter the easy voting number for the rival, open your dial pad.
  • Enter the phone number of the candidates you want to support in the polls.
  • Next, place the call and wait until it disconnects after one ring. Your vote will be declared cast when the ring sounds.
  • You should receive a submission notification on your phone after casting your vote.

Time of BB 6 Telugu Show

Monday through Friday at 10:00 p.m.
Weekend: Saturday and Sunday at 9:00

How do I vote for BB Telugu Season 6?

  1. Open the Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Look for and install the most recent version of the ” Hotstar ” app.
  3. Click the Hotstar app now.
  4. Visit the page for “Bigg Boss Telugu.”
  5. You can vote using the search bar under the stream.
  6. Choose “Vote now” from the menu.
  7. Choose your loved one’s rival.
  8. You can vote for BB 6 Telugu with 10 votes per day.
  9. There is also an option for missed call voting.

This season’s standout Bigg Boss Telugu contestants

The standout Bigg Boss Telugu candidates this season are those who have been able to draw viewers in with their personalities and playing styles. This season’s most well-liked competitors include Monal Gajjar, Ariyana Glory, Akhil Sarthak, Sohel Ryan, and Abhijeet Duddala.

Due to his cool and collected demeanor, Abhijeet is thought to have the best chance of winning; in contrast, Akhil is well known for his aggressive gameplay. Ariyana and Monal have been lauded for their directness and honesty, while Sohel has been praised for his engaging demeanor. These candidates have succeeded in retaining viewers’ attention and creating an exciting season of Bigg Boss Telugu.

Responses from viewers to Bigg Boss Telugu

Since its inception, Bigg Boss Telugu has gained popularity in the Indian states where Telugu is the primary language. Over the years, the program has developed a sizable fan base, with fans eagerly anticipating each new season. Bigg Boss Telugu has received a resoundingly good reception from viewers, who anxiously tune in to watch their favorite candidates compete inside the Bigg Boss house.

Many spectators find the house’s drama, disputes, and tasks entertaining, while others take pleasure in seeing the competitors form bonds with one another. The show’s production values have also been praised, with many viewers praising the superb sets, difficulties, and general presentation.

The show has, however, also drawn criticism and controversy, particularly in relation to the actions of a few competitors and the impartiality of the voting procedure. Despite these problems, Bigg Boss Telugu has a devoted following. Viewers eagerly anticipate each new season and post their ideas and opinions on social media.


Bigg Boss Telugu 6 on Star Maa, in conclusion, has given viewers a thrilling season packed with drama, entertainment, and unexpected turns. The power to participate in the show and influence the outcome of their favorite contestants has been given to viewers by the missed call numbers and online voting system.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 has undoubtedly been a huge success, and we are eager to see what the upcoming season will bring.


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