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Check the status of Laxmi Bhandar online at

Laxmi Bhandar Status: The Mamta Banerjee-led West Bengal TMC government recently unveiled a strategy for assisting the district’s female residents. This cash transfer program was introduced as part of the TMC-Manifesto.

The main goal of the program is to guarantee the social security of state women by giving them monthly basic income support. Those who want to participate in this program and receive interest under it must register. The registration process is currently open and will stay open through September 15th.

The Laxmi Bhandar Status can now be checked online or in person at the relevant office by those who need to register for the same.

The Department of Women & Child Development & Social Welfare, Government of India, is responsible for implementing the Laxmi Bhandar Prakalpa program, which is funded by the state government. of Bengal, West.

According to the plan, the state government will give financial assistance to women who are the heads of households in both urban and rural areas of the state.

The general family will receive monthly assistance of Rs. 500, and SC and ST women will receive monthly assistance of Rs. 1000. The scheme’s estimated annual budget outlay is 12 900 crores.

Who or what is Laxmi Bhandar?

The Indian state of Odisha created the Laxmi Bhandar program to help mothers and guardians of girls enrolled in public schools from kindergarten through grade 12 by offering financial aid. The program was put in place to encourage parents to enroll their daughters in school and to lower the number of female students who drop out of school.

Each girl student enrolled in public schools receives a monetary incentive of Rs. 2,500 year under the Laxmi Bhandar program from the government. Four payments throughout the course of the year are made to the mother or guardian of the girl child’s bank account. The program has been successful in raising the number of girls enrolled in public schools and lowering the dropout rate.

Additionally, the Laxmi Bhandar program has made a substantial contribution to the empowerment of women in the state of Odisha and the promotion of gender equality. The program not only aids in girls’ education but also motivates parents to support their daughters’ education financially as an investment in their future. Greater gender parity and state development as a whole follow from this.

Status of Laxmi Bhandar

The money has been transferred starting on September 1, 2021. Those who have submitted a request for the program successfully can check the status of both their application and their payment by going to the program’s official web page,

The plan will guarantee women’s empowerment and give the interest a sense of security. Women who live in the state, aren’t employed by the government, and are between the ages of 25 and 60 are eligible for the program.

Status Of Laxmi Bhandar

Those who haven’t yet applied can go to the “Duare Sarkar camps and do so before the deadline. In the state, there are more than 2000 Duare Sarker camps where requests can be made.

After successfully registering, applicants will be able to periodically check the status of their requests and payments. On the basis of data gathered from the Registrar of Births and Deaths, the beneficiary’s life status is also annually verified.

If you’re looking for specific information about the Laxmi Bhandar Scheme, you’ve come to the right place. You will find all the information you need about the application process, payment status, important dates, and more right here in this article. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about the TMC government’s cash transfer program.

Details of Laxmi Bhandar’s Status

Name of the SchemeLaxmi Bhandar Prakalpa Scheme
CategoryGovernment Scheme
Concerned AuthorityDepartment of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal
Scheme TypeState Govt. funded cash transfer scheme
BeneficiaryWomen of West Bengal
BenefitFinancial support and basic income to the rural and urban women in West Bengal
Assistance ProvidedRs.500 per month to General Households
Rs.1000/- per month to SC/ST households
ImplementationThroughout the state
Mode of applicationOffline

Laxmi Bhandar Scheme 2023’s purpose

To enable all women in the state to become self-sufficient, this project was established. In addition, a lot of women in the state are struggling to meet their basic needs due to their unstable financial situations.

They are free to work or purchase anything with this money. Some of them are unemployed, divorced, or widowed. They are not in any way stable in their lives.

Laxmi Bhandar Scheme 2023'S Purpose

This program, which was started by the state’s government, will provide them with financial assistance so that they can live their lives and pay for their daily expenses.

Only the female family member or female family head will be given this money so that they can support themselves. Their families, who are unable to afford food on a daily basis, may also benefit from this money in addition to them.

How to Onlinely Check Laxmi Bhandar Status?

West Bengal residents who have registered for the program can also see the status of their applications. They will be able to check the status of their application starting on September 8th.

How To Onlinely Check Laxmi Bhandar Status?

By checking their status online, applicants will be able to learn whether or not their applications have been accepted. In the state’s urban areas, the District Magistrate will serve as the sanctioning authority, and the Commissioner of Kolkata Municipal Corporation will do so in all other areas. To check Laxmi Bhandari’s status online, follow these steps.

  • Go to, which is the official website, first.
  • The website’s home page will appear.
  • Type the registered mobile number. To the same number, an OTP will be delivered. To verify, type in the OTP.
  • The candidate’s profile will appear.
  • Visit the relevant section and review the details along with the application status and payment status.

Laxmi Bhandar Scheme Benefits

State governments start the program for a variety of reasons. They should help citizens in their hour of need and give them what they deserve because they care about their safety. The plan consists of the following components.

  • All eligible needy women in the state who qualify for it will receive the funds.
  • All residents and families that are members of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes will be eligible for the Laxmi Bhandar scheme. They can take advantage of it.
  • The West Bengal state government has invested a sizeable sum of money to implement this program for all of the state’s residents who are experiencing financial hardship.
  • You don’t need to visit any government offices because the money will be deposited into the beneficiary’s account without your involvement.
  • The program’s implementation will include all female family heads.
  • The program was started by the state’s government and was designed for all residents who fell into low-income categories.

Required Laxmi Bhandar Scheme Documents

Women who meet the requirements for the state can apply for the Laxmi Bhandar programs by going to the appropriate Sarkar Camp, which is currently accepting applications. They must make sure they have the following paperwork and information on hand in order to register.

  • ID Card, Aadhaar
  • Card for Swasthyasathi
  • certificate for SC or ST, if applicable
  • A self-attested photocopy of the front page of the passbook, which includes all the pertinent information, is required for each bank account.
  • declaration of self
  • the fact that the student resides in the state,
  • The applicant is not a public servant and does not receive a pension, etc.
  • The data provided on the application form is accurate.

Laxmi Bhandar eligibility requirements

There are various criteria that must be met in order to qualify for the Laxmi Bhandar scheme. The girl kid must meet the first requirement by enrolling in a government school for grades 1 through 12. This makes sure that girls who are enrolled in public institutions of higher learning receive the benefits of the program. Second, the girl child’s mother or legal caregiver needs to have a bank account. This assists in making sure that the government’s financial assistance is delivered directly to the intended recipients.

Last but not least, the mother or guardian’s annual household income should not be more than INR 2,000,000. This requirement is necessary to guarantee that the program helps individuals who actually require financial aid to support the education of their daughters. The policy specifically targets families in the economically disadvantaged segment of society by establishing this income cap.

It is significant to note that the candidate will not be qualified for the program if they do not meet any of these requirements. Therefore, before submitting an application for the Laxmi Bhandar scheme, it is imperative to confirm that all three requirements have been completed. Strict adherence to these requirements makes sure that the program serves people who really need it.


To sum up, checking the Laxmi Bhandar status online at is a quick and easy way to access crucial information about the program.

With the help of this online platform, citizens can easily check the status of their applications and get timely updates while also benefiting from transparency and accessibility. Overall, incorporating technology into social welfare programs can help to improve service delivery and streamline processes.


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