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E Shram Card – If you also wish to register on the E-Shram portal, you should be aware of the paperwork needed, but in this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of downloading a labors card online.According to the e-Shram website, an employee needs to have an Aadhaar number, a bank account number, and a cellphone number that is connected to their Aadhaar in order to register for the e-Shram portal.

The E-Shram Card 2023 

For the benefit of employees in the unorganized sector who are neither EPFO nor ESIC members, the Ministry of Labor and Employment established E-Shram.An applicant must be between the ages of 16 and 59 in order to register.Moreover, if you have already submitted an application for an E-Shram Card, you must.

E-Shram Card 2023

A candidate will receive accident insurance coverage of up to Rs 2 lakh after receiving the E-Shram Card 2023.The E-Shram website, which is a centralized database of unorganized workers, was created by the Indian government. In the future, social security payments to unorganized workers will be made through

During emergencies and nationwide pandemics like the still-active Covid19, this system will be used to provide critical assistance to the nation’s registered unorganized labors force. 29 crore unorganized workers have registered on the e-Shram platform so far, which is a sizable number.Additionally, with the help of this page, you can obtain a Shram card using your UAN or Aadhar number.

E-Shram Card 2023

E-Shram Card Details 2023

Launched ByBy Ministry of Labor and Employment, GOI
BeneficiariesWorkers and Laborers of Unorganized Sector
CategoryGovernment Scheme 
Article Categorye-Shram Card Download

Regarding E Shram Card

Those who work in unorganized industries are eligible for the Shramik card program. The program’s eligible employees will be able to receive financial aid after enrolling or registering in it. The following is a list of the items that can be found on the website of the e-commerce company,

E-Shram Card By Aadhar Card Download

The registration of workers will require it. A candidate won’t be able to register if they don’t have an Aadhar card. In accordance with the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, the cards are being issued. Aadhar will be linked to the E-Shram Card. Anyone who is eligible to apply for this card is welcome to register without charge. The next sentence provides instructions for downloading the E-Shram card.

E-Shram Card By Aadhar Card Download

Visit the official website to submit an application if you haven’t already. Only citizens of India are eligible to obtain the card. The documents needed are the Aadhar card, an electricity bill, a photo, and a mobile phone number connected to the Aadhar card. in order for the money to be transferred by

Online E Shram Card Registration

Union Minister for Employment Bhupendra Yadav has launched the E-Shram Portal. E Shram Card Registration will be used to create a national database of 38 crore unorganized sector workers that will be seeded with Aadhaar.Because of this, street vendors, domestic workers, and laborers will all be connected.

Online E Shram Card Registration

The portal will be filled out with information such as name, address, educational background, skill type, and family details. Through E Shram Card Registration, the workers will also be given access to a variety of facilities in addition to being connected to one another. A 12-digit electronic card with nationwide acceptance will be given to every register employee. The workers will also be able to receive the benefits of various programs through this card.

Registration For Employment And Labor Ministry

One of the first significant ministries of the Indian government is the Ministry of Labor and Employment. The primary duty of this Ministry is to safeguard the rights of employees and the socially disadvantaged, underprivileged segments of society as a whole. Additionally, this ministry fosters a positive work environment for increased output and productivity.

The ministry also offers skill training in addition to this. so that the workers can have access to employment. The Ministry of Labor and Employment also promotes the welfare of the organized and unorganized sectors. The labor force also receives social security in addition to this. This ministry implements various types of schemes through the enactment of various labor laws. in order to provide employment to the workers.

Registration For Employment And Labor Ministry

How Can I Check My E-Shram Card Online 2023?

  • First of all go to the & then Already Register.
  • After entering your UAN card number, birthdate, and captcha, click Generate OTP.
  • Entering the received OTP will now be used to confirm the phone number.
  • Select Download E- Shram Card Download By Phone Number after that.
  • Your E-Shram card will be downloaded as a PDF file when you click Download UAN Card.
  • You can now open the E-Shram Card, print it out, and carry it around in a safe place.

E-Shram Card Advantages 2023

E-Shram Card Advantages 2023
  • Downloading the E-Shram card from the online portal has a lot of advantages.
  • Bhupendra Yadav, the union’s minister of employment, has launched the E Shram Portal.
  • Through the E-Sharm portal, a national database of the 38 crore unorganized sector workers will be created.
  • Aadhaar will be used as the database’s seed.
  • Laborers, street vendors, and domestic workers will all be connected through this portal.
  • The name, address, educational qualification, type of skill, family relate information etc. will be enter on the portal.
  • The E-Shram portal will offer various amenities to the employees.
  • All register workers will receive a 12-digit record that is valid throughout the entire nation.
  • The benefits of various programs will also be extended to the workers through this card.

What E-Shram Cards Offer

The Indian government unveiled its newest program, the E-Shram Card, in September 2021. Each employee in the unorganized sector is given a special identity number on a digital card. The card’s purpose is to provide workers with social security benefits like insurance, health care, and pension plans.

The E-Shram card has the following advantages:

Each unorganized sector employee who has an E-Shram card is given a unique identification number. The worker’s employment history, social security benefits, and other information can be found and tracked using this.

Social Security: The E-Shram card grants access to different government-sponsored social security programs, including insurance, health benefits, and pension plans. Employers who have an E-Shram card may use it to access these benefits.

Digital Data Retention: The E-Shram card is a digital card that stores all of the worker’s records, including employment history, social security benefits, and other pertinent data. This will make it easier to keep current and accurate records of the unorganized sector’s workforce.

E-Shram cards can be used all throughout the nation and are portable. Using their E-Shram card, employees can access their social security benefits from any location in India.

Easy to Download: The Ministry of Labour and Employment’s official website makes it simple to download the E-Shram card. To download the card, employees must give their basic information, including name, age, gender, and occupation.

Overall, the Indian government’s E-Shram card program is a significant effort to offer social security benefits to workers in the unorganized sector. By giving millions of workers access to various social security programs, it will contribute to improve their quality of life.

Benefits of the E-Shram Card

The Indian government issues the E-Shram card, a distinctive form of identity, to unorganized laborers. The following are some advantages of possessing an E-Shram card:

  • Social Security Benefits: E-Shram cardholders are entitled to a number of social security benefits, including pensions, life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance. This guarantees that they will always have a safety net and money to fall back on.
  • Access to Programs and Schemes: Employees can take advantage of a number of government-run welfare programs and schemes by using their E-Shram cards. They are able to take advantage of perks including financial aid, subsidies, and training for skill development.
  • Easy Identity Verification: Employees can easily enroll in numerous government schemes and programs by using their E-Shram card as an acceptable form of identification and address proof.
  • The E-Shram card can be used as a tool for financial inclusion. Employees can use their card to receive payments, conduct transactions, and access credit facilities by linking it to their bank account.
  • The E-Shram card gives workers a sense of identity, security, and dignity, which in turn empowers them. It acknowledges their economic contribution and makes sure they don’t fall behind in the fight for development.


Finally, the E-Shram card is an important step in safeguarding the social and economic welfare of the workforce in the unorganized sector. The E-Shram program strives to advance these workers’ welfare and enhance their quality of life by offering advantages like health and life insurance, skill training, and financial help. Employees can obtain these benefits easily and conveniently by downloading the E-Shram card from the official website and using their UAN cellphone number.


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