Direct Link for the release of the first installment of the E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana

Direct Link for the release of the first installment of the E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana

This program, known as the E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana, has been established for all workers and employees in the nation’s unorganized sector. The central government started the Yojana to protect all workers’ futures by providing them with labor pensions and E-Shram Cards.

The Central Government is making a lot of effort to improve everyone’s standard of living while reducing their financial burden. As a result, the government provided various businesses for workers everywhere to ensure their constant improvement.

3000 Rs Pension Yojana E Shram Card

The E-SHRAM Portal Scheme is a brand-new initiative launched by the Indian government to improve the welfare of hired men and mixed-sector workers. Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi has launched the e-SHRAM Portal.

3000 Rs Pension Yojana E Shram Card

The Indian Ministry of Labor and Employment has launched the E-SHRAM Portal to track and compile information about laborers and employees in the unorganized sector. To launch new initiatives, create current regulations, and create more employment opportunities for laborers and unorganized sector workers, rack up facts will be discarded.

For those who register for the e Shram Portal, the Ministry of Labor & Employment will issue the Unique Identification Number (UAN) Card. Candidates who wish to register for the E-Shram portal may do so at the CSC Seva Kendra. Utilizing a mobile number connected to an Aadhar Card, the applicant may also self-register on the e-SHRAM page.

What is an e-Shram card and how do pension plans connect to it?

For workers in India’s unorganized sector, there is a special identity card called the e-Shram card. Its purpose is to give social security benefits to people who are unable to find regular job. The worker’s personal and employment information is contained on the card, which can be used to register for a number of government programs, including pension plans. The government wants to offer a safety net for employees of the unorganized sector in their latter years by connecting the e-Shram card to pension programs.

Details of the E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana

Department NameMinistry of Labor & Employment, Government of India
Scheme NameE Shram Card 3000 Pension Yojana 2022
Who Can ApplyWorkers in the country’s unorganized sector can apply for a pension. Will get a monthly pension of 3000 rupees and will have immediate access to other government programs.
Benefits of SchemeApply with the assistance of Jan Seva Kendra.
Mode of application in the schemeSelf-Application
Helpdesk Number14434
Article CategoryGovernment Scheme

E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana information

The Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan is an optional and helpful pension plan for unorganized workers who are between the ages of 18 and 40 and have monthly incomes of no more than Rs. 15,000.

The Labor Ministry stated in a tweet that “UAN is a 12-digit number uniquely assigned to each mixed-up worker after applying on the E-Shram Card portal. Once assigned, a UAN number will remain constant for the duration of the employee’s employment.

Shram Card E

Due to the size of its unorganized sector workforce, India is one of the most well-known countries in the world. The Indian government has developed a strategy to support those employed in the mixed sector. The government has established the online labor marketplace Authorities will assemble.

Shram Card E

E Shram Card Application Eligibility

If they fall under any of the categories, those who are interested in applying for the Shram card can register online.

  • Indian origin
  • Age requirement: 18 years
  • working in an ad hoc area
  • The payer shouldn’t be (earning over the limit)

Registration requires an E Shram Card

The User must have the following documents in order to register for an E Shram card:

  • Card Aadhar
  • Present mobile number
  • if necessary, a certificate of occupation
  • In a bank
  • Account Passbook

E-Sharm Card Advantages

The following benefits are available to voters who have applied online through the E Shram portal:-

  • One year without a premium
  • Financial assistance
  • Compensation under the Social Security System
  • Creates Jobs
  • Monitor the migrant labor force

Employment Shram Card Pension

The Central Government has created a site E-Shram Card for workers and employees in the mixed-up zone, which we should also mention.

The government will compile statistics and data on all such workers and projects through this page. And based on this information, they will be able to use a variety of plans and services. As a result, all authorized hired people will need to list themselves on this E-Shram Portal.

All employees who log in to this page will be eligible for an E-Shram Card, which will allow them to benefit from these projects. Let’s say we’re talking about a 12-digit labor card. This discloses the identity of the employees in various ways.

Employment Shram Card Pension

$3000 E-Shram Card each month

A labor pension program called E-Shram Card has been approved to provide benefits to both employees and employers. To provide unorganized workers with a pension supplement in their senior years, this project has been recommended.

Let me explain. Under this system, employees would receive financial assistance in the form of a Rs. 3000 pension after 60 years of kindness. in order for them to endure into old age. A regular monthly allotment of Rs 1500 would also be given to the employee’s widow in the event of his passing.

Registration of E Shram Cards in 2022

ArticleE Shram Card Registration 2022
CategoryGovernment Scheme
AuthorityMinistry of Labor & Employment, Government of India
Registration Apply Start26.08.2022
Registration Apply ModeOnline

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

We want to make sure that everyone who works hard knows that if they have an E Shamika Card New Benefits 2021, they will be eligible for the following benefits: If you register online using the e Shram site, you will get the following perks and details:

  • To ensure the social and economic advancement of all labor comrades and sisters in the troubled region of the nation.
  • According to the E Shram Card 3000 Pension Yojana 2022, a hired man in the mixed-up sector who entered the country will also be able to collect money for three years after reaching the age of 60.
  • This one Shram page costs 38 lakhs in addition to the socioeconomic expansion of the messy area.
  • A national database of unorganized workers will be created and connected to their Aadhar cards.

How Do I Apply Online For The E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana?

Follow the instructions below to submit a claim for the E Shram card:-

  1. Visit the e Shram website at
  2. When you click “Apply for E Shram Card Now” on the homepage, two options will appear.
  3. Apply with CSC first 2. Press the Self Registration button.
  4. Now enter your mobile number and the OTP that is sent to it.
  5. Now log in your Aadhar Card number and the OTP get on your Aadhar card registered mobile number.
  6. Enter your personal information now, including your bank details and occupation.
  7. Now click the Submit button to download the PDF for the e-Shram Card.

How do pension plans and e-Shram help workers?

Employees can gain from pension plans and e-Shram cards in a variety of ways. Workers can save for retirement and get a steady income stream after they retire with the help of pension plans. This gives one a feeling of stability and financial security.

However, e-Shram cards can make it easier for unorganized sector employees to acquire social security benefits including accident, life, and health insurance. Additionally, the card may give employees a special identifying number that will enable them to participate in government programs and receive benefits. Employees can ensure their financial future and safeguard themselves from unforeseen disasters by enrolling in both a pension plan and an e-Shram card.


The Direct Link Register.Eshram.Gov.In website offers qualified persons a quick and easy way to apply for the E Shram Card 3000 Rs Pension Yojana and get their pension’s initial payment. To take advantage of this chance and apply through the site in order to profit from the scheme’s benefits, we strongly advise all qualified applicants.


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