Check The Calendar At Cisce.Org For The ICSE Board Time Table For 2023

Check the calendar at for the ICSE Board Time Table for 2023

2023 ICSE Board Time Table – The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will soon release the timetable and schedule for the class 10 final test for the academic year 2022-2023 for all areas of India. Every year, the ICSE Class X public test begins in February and ends in the same month.

The tenth grade final test is taken by one lakh students annually. For ISC/Plus Two, Graduation, and Post Graduation programmers as well as other higher education programmers, the secondary test is the first and most important academic requirement.

Students are said to have finished their basic education or schooling after passing the high school exam at the end of the secondary school period. The secondary exam is therefore a significant prerequisite for enrollment in higher education.

A timetable will be given to them as guidance, and it is expected that all students will work hard to get the best grade on the final test. Students who will be sitting the class 10th exam can view and download the ICSE Date Sheet 2023 in PDF format from the official website.

ICSE Board Schedule for 2023

The CISCE Board gives the exam dates and timetable for class 10 regular and private students at all institutions affiliated with the ICSE Board Time Table. The authority typically announces the timetable for the board exam, which will be held in February, in November or December.

ICSE Board Schedule for 2023

The X examination is one of the requirements for admission to higher education programs in India, hence the 10th grade exam is regarded as the first important test that pupils take. These open examinations are given at the end of class X, and the top students receive certificates. The ICSE 10th Date Sheet 2023 should be obtained by students who have enrolled for the 10th final exam in order to begin studying for the exam.

ICSE Board Schedule 2023 Information

Exam NameICSE 10th Examination 2023
Name of Conduction AuthorityCISCE Board
CategoryEducation News
Availability Date Sheetlast week of December 2022
Downloading of Admit cardsJanuary-2023
Starting Date of Examination27th February 2023
Last Date for Examination29th March 2023
Declaration ResultMay 2023

ICSE Board Time Table Information

The Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations, popularly known as the ICSE Board Time Table, was founded in 1958 with assistance from the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian. The Indian Public Schools Conference, the Association of Schools for the I.S.C examinations, the Intent State Board for Anglo-Indian Education, the association of Indian Universities, the association of heads of Anglo-Indian Schools, and eminent educationists are a few of the organizations that have appropriate representation on the council.

The Council is in charge of administering the Indian School Certificate (ISE), the Certificate of Vocational Education, and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education was established to provide an examination in a general education course through the medium of English, per the recommendation of the education policy of 1986. Private candidates are not permitted to participate in this exam.

Dates & Deadlines to Remember for the ICSE Board Exam in 2023

The following are crucial dates and deadlines for the ICSE Board Exam in 2023:

  • On February 27, 2023, the ICSE Board Exam will be started.
  • 2023’s practical exams will run from January 6 to January 22.
  • The deadline for submitting the results of the internal assessment is January 30, 2023.
  • The project work marks must be turned in by February 7, 2023.
  • The School’s Average Attendance (SAA) must be submitted no later than February 7, 2023.
  • The List of Candidates (LOC) must be submitted no later than February 15, 2023.

To make sure you are adequately prepared for the exam and have timely submitted all required documentation, it is crucial to keep these dates in mind.

Date Sheet for ICSE Grade 10 in 2023

Date Sheet for ICSE Grade 10 in 2023

The ICSE Board Time Table for students is detailed in the table below. Students must complete the ICSE 10th syllabus 2023 at least one month prior to the exam. Based on dates from the previous year, the following is provided:

ICSE Timetable for Class 10 for 2023

Date Subjects
February 27, 2023English Language (Paper 1)
March 1, 2023English Literature (Paper 2)
March 3, 2023Commercial Studies (Group II Elective)
March 4, 2023Art Paper 1 (Still Life)
March 6, 2023History & Civics – H.C.G. Paper 1History & Civics (Thailand) – H.G.T. Paper 1
March 10, 2023Mathematics
March 11, 2023Art Paper 2 (Nature Drawing/ Painting)
March 13, 2023Geography – H.C.G. Paper 2Geography (Thailand) – H.G.T. Paper 2
March 14, 2023Environmental Science (Group II Elective)
March 15, 2023Ao-Naga, Bengali, Dzongkha, Garo, Gujarati, Kannada, Khasi, Lepcha, Mizo, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tangkhul, Telugu, and Urdu are examples of second languages.Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Modern Armenian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Tibetan are examples of modern foreign languages.
March 17, 2023Physics (Science Paper 1)
March 18, 2023Art Paper 3 (Original Composition)
March 20, 2023Chemistry (Science Paper 2)
March 21, 2023Economics (Group II Elective)
March 23, 2023Carnatic music, business applications, computer applications, cooking, drama, economic applications, environmental applications, fashion design, and drama are among the electives in Group III. Home science, hospitality management, Indian dance, mass media & communication, physical education, Spanish, Western music, yoga, and technical drawing applications are just a few of the subjects that are covered.
March 24, 2023French / Sanskrit (Group II Elective)
March 25, 2023Art Paper 4 (Applied Art)
March 27, 2023Hindi
March 29, 2023Biology (Science Paper 3)

How Can I Check The 2023 ICSE Board Time Table Online?

Students who have prepared for the exam will shift their attention and effort to the new subject once the exam dates are revealed. Students who are looking for the ICSE Time Table 2023 can access it online from the official website. For your convenience, we have also included information on how to access the exam dates from the official website. You can examine the exam schedule on the homepage that is linked to from this page.

  • Visit the official website at
  • Find the news announcements link.
  • then click on the ICSE Timetable for March 2023.
  • The schedule of the exams will show up once you click the link.
  • Download, print, and save the document.

Information Needed ICSE Board Schedule 2023

  • Exam administration board
  • Subject heading and code
  • Date of the 2023 board exam
  • shifts in the morning or the evening
  • guidelines for exam day
  • Student information

Tips For Preparing For Board Exams

  1. Create a schedule and follow the lesson plan.
  2. Start your planning early.
  3. Practice by finishing practice papers and exam questions.
  4. Eat healthy foods like veggies, nuts, and fresh fruits.
  5. Do not fret

Important Directions for the 2023 ICSE Board Exam

For the ICSE Board Exam in 2023, keep in mind the following information:

  • To the exam room, students must bring their admit card. They won’t be able to take the exam without the admit card.
  • At least 30 minutes before the exam’s commencement, students should arrive in the examination room.
  • Mobile phones, calculators, and smartwatches as well as other electronic devices are not permitted in the exam room.
  • Pencils, rulers, erasers, and other stationery supplies like these should be brought by each student.
  • Before answering the questions, students should read the instructions provided on the question paper.
  • On the answer sheet, students must put their name, roll number, and subject code.
  • The question paper should not be marked or taken outside the exam room by students.
  • During the exam, students should adhere to the invigilator’s instructions.
  • In the exam room, students must remain silent.
  • Till the test is over, students are not permitted to leave the examination room.


Students who will be sitting the ICSE board exams in 2023 must regularly check the calendar at Students can utilize the ICSE Board Time Table for 2023, which will be made available on the website, to study for their exams and make sure they are prepared to meet their academic objectives. In order to stay updated about any changes to the exam schedule, students should frequently check the website for updates.


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