Jio Fiber Broadband Offers, Data Limits, And Validity Information For 2023?

Jio fiber broadband offers, data limits, and validity information for 2023?

Plans for Jio Fiber Broadband: Thank you for visiting our blog about Jio fiber broadband plans, offers, and data limits. We are here to assist you in accepting all the crucial information regarding Jio fiber broadband plans, including the data limit, validity period, and other comparable details.

Read on if you’re considering switching to Jio fiber broadband and want to make sure you’re getting the best plan for your needs. We also provide a comprehensive list of all current Jio fiber broadband plans.

Jio Fiber promises to provide high-speed internet connections up to 1Gbps. The benefits of these Jio Fiber broadband plans are listed below in detail. Within a year of its official launch, Reliance Jio Fiber broadband service was made available outside of India.

The fiber-based high-speed network provides a range of speeds up to 1Gbps. Currently, Jio Fiber and Jio TV+ are sold as a bundle that includes access to up to 12 OTT apps, truly unlimited data, and unlimited international calling without any FUP restrictions.

Plans for Jio Fiber Broadband in 2023

.Reliance In 2012, Jio launched its Fiber broadband service in India. Since then, the company has dominated the broadband market with its aggressive pricing & assortment of additional benefits. The Jio Fiber plan is the ideal combination of DTH and broadband services. Customers can now purchase a 4K set-top box from the company in addition to high-speed internet in order to watch all available video content on their TVs.

Plans for Jio Fiber Broadband in 2023

Jio Fiber Information

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Jio Fiber Broadband Plans
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Plans for Jio Fiber Internet: Speed, FUP, and OTT Subscription Offers

The broadband plans offered by Reliance Jio range in price from Rs 399 to Rs 8,499 and include polite voice calls and other features. Let’s take a closer look at each of Reliance Jio’s broadband plans.

Plans For Jio Fiber Internet: Speed, FUP, And OTT Subscription Offers

30Mbps Speed Jio Fiber Rs 399 Broadband Plan

The company currently offers Jio Fiber copper as the entry-level broadband plans. The package costs Rs 399 and provides 30Mbps of internet speed. The plan also includes unlimited voice calls and a 3,300GB monthly FUP data limit. However, this plan does not include any OTT apps.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Broadband Plan for Rs 699

The Jio Fiber Silver Broadband Plan for Rs 699 is identified as such. The package offers customers unlimited data (FUP: 3300 GB) and internet speed of 100 Mbps. users will also receive unlimited voice calls, though, like with Bronze, it does not include all of the benefits of a bundled OTT subscription.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Broadband Plan for Rs 3,999

The business also provides premium broadband plans, and Rs 3,999 is one of them. The package includes 1Gbps internet speeds and is once more referred to as Jio Fiber Platinum. Additionally, the package includes unlimited data (FUP: 3,300 GB). Additionally, the pack includes 15 useful applications that are valued at Rs 1,650 per month.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Broadband Plan for Rs. 8,499

The Rs 8,499 broadband plan also includes a free app subscription worth Rs 1,800. The package includes unlimited voice calls in addition to 1Gbps internet speeds. The download limits for the broadband plans are 6,600GB FUP.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Broadband Plan for Rs 399

For the ideal duration of its validity, the postpaid plan offers unlimited data. The plan requires monthly billing, and you must also pay an increased GST. The plan offers download and upload speeds of 30Mbps.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Broadband Plan for Rs 499

The postpaid plan provides identical advantages to the Rs 399 broadband plan. However, for an additional Rs 100, you can purchase six OTT apps. These add Jio Cinema, Shemaroo Me, & JioSavan to Universal+, ALT Balaji, Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, & JioSavan.

Postpaid Broadband Plan with Jio Fiber for Rs 599

Once more, the plan’s data and internet speed benefits are comparable to those of the Rs 399 postpaid plan. However, you also bring 14 other OTT apps with you that require a subscription. These include Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, ZEE5, Voot Select, Voot Kids, Sun NXT, Hoichoi, Discovery+, Universal+, ALT Balaji, Eros Now, Lionsgate Play, Jio Cinema, ShemarooMe, & JioSavan.

Jio Fiber Postpaid Broadband Plan for Rs 699

A postpaid broadband plan with 100 Mbps download and upload speed is also available from Jio Fiber. The pack is Rs 699 plus GST. It once more provides limitless voice calls.

2023 Jio Broadband Plans

n PriceInternet speedsOTT AppsUnlimited callsValidity
Rs 39930 MbpsN/AYes30 Days
Rs 699100 MbpsN/AYes30 Days
Rs 999150 Mbps14 Apps worth Rs 1,000 per monthYes30 Days
Rs 1,499300 Mbps15 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per monthYes30 Days
Rs 2,499500 Mbps15 Apps worth Rs 1,650 per monthYes30 Days
Rs 3,9991 Gbps15 Apps worth Rs 1,650 per monthYes30 Days
Rs 8,4991 Gbps15 Apps worth Rs 1,800 per monthYes30 Days

Plans for Jio Fiber Top-Up

For Jio Fiber customers, Jio also has top-up plans available. The top-up plans, in contrast to its mobile convocation, will only be utilized for ISD calls. In addition, the validity of the top-up plans is limitless. Consequently, if you want to make an international call, you should top up your Jio Fiber number with the following sum.

Plans For Jio Fiber Top-Up

The talk time value for Rs 10 is Rs 7.47.

Users must bring 20 rupees and a talk time value of 14.95 rupees.

Customers can service a talk time value of Rs. 39.37 for Rs. 50.

Spend $100 and receive 81.75 rupees worth of talk time.

Users will accept a talk time value of 420.73 rupees for every Rs.

A talk time value of Rs 844.46 is included in the top-up plan’s price of Rs 1,000.

Fiber Data Sachet Plan from Jio

For its users, Jio has unveiled a data perfume plan. What you want to know is right here.

Rs. 199: The 199 plan costs Rs. 199 and offers 100Mbps internet speed along with 1000GB of data. The plan includes free voice calls and has a 7-day validity. Internet speeds will be reduced to 64Kbps once the data cap is reached.

Packs for Jio Fiber ISD

For its broadband customers, Jio also provides a few ISD packages. Insert these.

Rs. 501: Jio’s Rs. 501 ISD pack has a 28-day validity period. The pack includes 50MB of data and 424.58 rupees worth of ISD talktime. It is important to remember that the plan is applicable in the USA and Canada, though.

Rs. 502: Jio’s Rs. 502 ISD pack has a 30-day validity period. The plan gives the USA and Canada 1500 minutes of ISD art.

Speeds of Jio Fiber Broadband

In order to meet the needs of various consumers, Jio Fiber Broadband provides a wide variety of speeds. The fundamental package offers speeds of up to 1 Gbps and begins at 30 Mbps. The various speeds are broken down into the following plans:

  • 30 Mbps: The Bronze plan, which includes 3,300 GB of data each month, offers this speed.
  • Silver, Gold, and Diamond are the three distinct tiers that offer 100 Mbps. The Silver plan offers 4,000 GB of data per month, compared to 8,000 GB and 15,000 GB for the Gold and Diamond plans, respectively.
  • The Platinum package, which provides 30,000 GB of data per month, gives a speed of 150 Mbps.
  • 300 Mbps: The Titanium plan, which provides 60,000 GB of data each month, delivers this speed.
  • The top plan, called the Diamond+ plan, offers these speeds, which are 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps. The monthly data allowance under this plan is 15,000 GB.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that actual speeds may differ based on things like network congestion, device capabilities, and the kind of information being viewed. To provide a flawless and snag-free online experience, Jio Fiber Broadband, on the other hand, guarantees to deliver a minimum speed of 10% of the subscriber speed at all times.

Obtaining a Jio Fiber connection

Getting a Jio Fiber connection is a fairly straightforward process. Those who are interested in this service can easily register there by visiting the business’ website. To generate an OTP, users need to add your name and mobile number. To apply for the Jio Fiber network, you must first add the OTP and then your full address and email address.

Obtaining a Jio Fiber connection

You will be required to submit your documents, including your Aadhar card or any other original, valid POI (Proof Of Identification) & POA, if the service is offered in your area (Proof Of Address). The Jio broadband order will be prepared once it is introduced. Furthermore, users will get a call asking for their approval of the installation assignment once the company has verified the documents.

Signing up for Jio Fiber

Interested individuals can quickly register on the company’s website by entering their name and mobile number to create an OTP in order to obtain a Jio Fiber connection. Users who wish to apply for the Jio Fiber network must supply their entire mailing address and email address after the OTP has been created.

If the service is available in their location, users will also be needed to provide their documents, including their Aadhar card or any other genuine, legitimate POI (Proof Of Identification) & POA (Proof Of Address). As soon as the documents have been confirmed, the Jio broadband order will be processed.

Users will get a call when the order is processed asking for their consent to the installation assignment. The Jio Fiber network will be installed at the user’s location once it has been approved. Jio Fiber makes it simple for people to get a high-speed internet connection because the entire process is easy and hassle-free.

Providing the Necessary Documents

The Aadhar card or any other original, legitimate POI (Proof of Identification) and POA (Proof of Address) must be submitted by prospective users in order to establish a Jio Fiber connection, if the service is accessible in their area.

These records are required to confirm the user’s identification and determine whether they qualify for Jio Fiber service. The Jio broadband order will be produced once the documents have been checked, and users will receive a call to confirm their consent of the installation assignment. This procedure is crucial to ensuring that customers may take full use of and benefit from Jio Fiber’s high-speed broadband services.


Jio’s fiber broadband plans are no longer available, and users who had been waiting impatiently to use them are now encountering some difficulties. The company has stated that all users will be able to switch to the new Jio 4G network, but in practice things appear to be very different.

According to reports, many users are having connection problems, and some are even having trouble canceling their current plans. Although the business has not provided precise figures, it appears that a sizable portion of users have been unable to switch over to the new network.


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