Khelo India Application Form Online 2023 Submit Online Khelo India Yuth Game Nsrs.Kheloindia.Gov.In

Khelo India Application Form Online 2023 Submit Online Khelo India Yuth Game

The table above contains all of the information pertaining to the Khelo India Registration End Date. Khelo India Application Form Online. Despite the fact that the deadline is not yet listed on the official website, you should submit the Khelo India request Form 2023 as soon as you can.

After that, look over the schedule provided on, and then start organizing your games. Choose the correct option in advance as the registration forms for coaches and athletes differ. Additionally, be sure to properly complete the form because you won’t be accepted if any information doesn’t match the actual documents.

Khelo India Online Application 2023

Khelo India Youth Games were established by the Indian government and sports authority to support Indian athletes. They offer Rs 5,00,000/- in year assistance under this program for sports training and other costs. Now, you must read this page all the way through if you want to complete Khelo India Registration 2023. The Khelo India Youth Games request form 2023 can be filled out by athletes and coaches to receive all the perks.

Khelo India Online Application 2023

All of the Games are covered by this program, thus all athletes are eligible to submit an online Khelo India Application Form. You can play the game by filling out Khelo India request Form 2023 at

You can use the NSRS Khelo India Coach Registration 2023 Process and the Khelo India Athlete Registration 2023 Link found here as resources. Under this program, yearly games are held, and athletes who perform well receive further support for international competitions.

Khelo India Online Application Details 2023

Event NameKhelo India Youth Games 2023
Organized bySports Authority of India
Short NameKIYG
Purpose of EventAthlete Talent Hunt Programme
Start Date2023
Mode of RegistrationOnline
Documents RequiredAadhar Card, Bank Account, Photograph & Sports Achievement Certificates
Last Date2023
BenefitRs 5,00,000/- Per Year
CategoryApplication Form

Application Form for Khelo India in 2023

The Khelo India Youth Games, originally known as the Khelo India School Games, are an annual multidisciplinary grass-roots event held at the national level in India for schoolchildren under the age of 17 and college students under the age of 21. January or February is when they take place.

Application Form for Khelo India in 2023

The National Programme for Development of Sports seeks to enhance India’s sports culture at the grassroots level through organized talent identification, organised sporting contests, and infrastructure development. The government of India established the initiative in 2017–18 under the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sports Minister Vijay Goel, and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.

Information about the 2023 Khelo India Youth Games

An international sporting competition for Indian high school and college students is called the Khelo India Youth Games 2023. Its main goals are to promote a healthy lifestyle and find emerging talent in a variety of sports.

The tournament is annually put on by the Sports Authority of India to provide young athletes a chance to show off their abilities and compete at the national level. For prospective athletes, the competition is a springboard to realizing their full potential and representing India in international competitions.

Regarding the National Program for Sports Development

The Indian government launched the National Programme for Development of Sports in 2017–18 with the aim of fostering a strong sports culture at the grassroots level. The program, which is overseen by Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Vijay Goel, and the Sports Minister, identifies and develops young sporting talent while also encouraging physical fitness and infrastructure development throughout India.

The program seeks to provide young athletes with a stage through organized sporting events where they can demonstrate their skills and reach their full potential. India is predicted to become one of the world’s top sporting nations in the years to come because to the program’s all-encompassing approach to sports development.

Khelo India Program Eligibility Requirements

A government effort called Khelo India aims to encourage juvenile sports in India. Those applying must fulfill specific prerequisites in order to be eligible for the program. The following criteria must be met in order to participate in the Khelo India program:

  • Age Requirement: Candidates must be between the ages of 10 and 18.
  • Citizenship: Indian citizens are required to apply.
  • Sports Category: Applicants must compete in one of the sports that the Khelo India program recognizes. These include swimming, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, badminton, basketball, boxing, football, gymnastics, judo, kabaddi, kho-kho, shooting, and para-sports.
  • Achievements: Candidates must have competed in and excelled in national-level sporting events in their respective sports.
  • Academic Standing: Applicants must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 55% or grades equivalent from the previous academic year.

If candidates fulfill these criteria, they will be qualified to enroll in the Khelo India program and benefit from features like scholarships, training, and other assistance to help them thrive in their chosen sport.

Qualifications for the Khelo India Youth Games

The Khelo India Application Form Authorities have not established any stringent eligibility requirements. A few standard eligibility standards must be met by all interested individuals. You can drop out of the program if you are unable to achieve the power’s referenced qualification standards. The requirements that interested candidates must fulfill are as follows:

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • The potential candidate must be enrolled in school or college.
  • Students must be younger than 17 years old to apply for the Under 17 Category.
  • Candidates for the Under 21 Category must be younger than 21 years of age.
  • Students must have a passion for and skill in athletics.
  • Students should be well-versed in sports.

How Do I Fill Out A Khelo India Online Application Form For 2023?

  • First, go to or click the link below to visit.
  • To register as a coach or an athlete, select the appropriate button now.
  • Third, finish the Khelo India 2023 Application Form.
  • Verify all the information, and then enter your password to continue.
  • Enter your banking information on the next page to get help.
  • After double-checking all the information, submit the form at the end.
  • You can apply for the Khelo India Youth Games 2023 in this manner.

Online athlete registration for Khelo India in 2023

  • If you are an athlete and would like to compete in Khelo India Youth Games at the national level, please review the information below.
  • You must have substantial gaming experience and hold current District Level or Certificates.
  • You are entitled to receive Rs 5,00,000 in financial assistance if you complete the Khelo India Athlete Registration 2023.
  • By following the instructions above, athletes can finish their online registration at
  • Therefore, this concludes our discussion of the Khelo India Athlete Application Form 2023.

Documents Necessary When Filling Out the Form

Applicants will need to bring a few documents with them when they submit their applications. The application form won’t be considered complete without these documents. The list of documents that applicants must bring with them when completing the application is provided below.

  • Card Aadhar
  • I.D. Card
  • Election ID card
  • Passport
  • Snack Card
  • Birth Registration
  • evidence of matriculation
  • School-verified evidence


Submitting the Khelo India application form online is a quick and easy option for athletes to register for the 2023 Youth Games. Young athletes can demonstrate their abilities and participate at the national level by visiting and completing the form. Young athletes have a fantastic chance to learn about and practice their sport at this event. Thank you for reading, and I strongly urge all qualified athletes to apply as soon as possible.


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