On Eshram.Gov.In, E Shram Card Eligibility 2023

Login & Registration for E Sharm Card 2023 Shramik Card Download PDF register.eshram.gov.in

Login & Registration for E Sharm Card 2023

Login to E Sharm Card and register for 2023 state-by-state registration. Therefore, you can apply for an E Shram Card 2023 online at Register.eshram.gov.in and receive a Shramik Card. The government has launched the E Shram Yojana to give you social security during bad weather. If you have a labor card, you are still eligible for a pension at age 60. In addition to this, you will be covered while working thanks to the advantages of E Shram Card 2023 login.

Overview of the e-Sharm Card

Residents of Egypt are given the digital identification card known as the e-Sharm Card. It is a special identity card made to give people access to various public and governmental services. The name, picture, and national ID number of the cardholder are among the many pieces of personal data that are stored on the e-Sharm Card.

Healthcare, education, and transportation are just a few of the public services that can be accessed with the card. Additionally, it gives customers access to exclusive offers and discounts at participating shops. The e-Sharm Card is further used to prove identity while carrying out financial operations, like opening a bank account or submitting a loan application.

Egypt’s citizens benefit greatly from the e-Sharm Card since it simplifies access to critical services and offers a trustworthy and secure form of identification. As the government seeks to strengthen digital services and the nation’s total digital infrastructure, it is a crucial project in Egypt’s journey toward digital transformation.

Login & Registration for E Sharm Card 2023

The E-Shram Yojana is a brand-new initiative launched by the Indian government for the welfare of workers and laborers in the unorganized sector. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given his approval to the e-shram program. The E Shramik Portal initiative was started by the Indian Ministry of Labor and Employment to track and gather all the data and information about laborers and employees in the unorganized sector.

Login & Registration For E Sharm Card 2023

The information gathered has been used to launch new initiatives, draft new legislation, and expand job opportunities for employees and laborers in the unorganized sector. Those requesting an e Shram Portal have received a Unique Identification Number (UAN) card from the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Anyone who wants to register for an e-shram card online can do so at a CSC center. By using a mobile number connected to an Aadhar card, anyone can self-register for an e Shramik Card.

Details for E Sharm Card Registration & Login 2023

Name of SchemeE Shram Card 2023
CategoryGovernment Scheme
Started byGovernment of India
BeneficiaryShramik workers
SectorsAgriculture, Poultry, Fishing, Industry
AmountRs. 1000 to Rs. 3000
BenefitsPension at old age
Official websiteregis.eshram.gov.in

Regarding E-Sharm Card

Everyone is able to make contributions to their E Shram Cards 2023 starting at Rs 50 per month and receive a pension of Rs 3000 per month once they reach the age of 60. Additionally, if you increase your contribution, the government will also increase its contribution by the same amount. Your pension amount will eventually go up as a result of this. These are some of the advantages of the e-shram card 2023 that PM Modi introduced to the workforce.

The advantages of utilizing an e-Sharm Card and why having one is a useful asset

An e-Sharm Card is a useful tool for Egyptian citizens to posses because it has a number of benefits. Several of the main benefits include:

  • Accessibility of public and government services: The e-Sharm Card enables quick and simple access to a range of public and government services. This covers everything from healthcare to education to transportation. The e-Sharm Card makes it convenient for people to access important services because they no longer need to carry around various forms of identification.
  • Enhanced security: The e-Sharm Card is a safe way to prove your identity and offers better security and fraud and identity theft protection. To ensure that only the cardholder has access to the cardholder’s personal information, the card incorporates biometric information such as fingerprint and facial recognition data.
  • Financial transactions: When conducting financial activities, such as opening a bank account or asking for a loan, the e-Sharm Card can be used to confirm identity. This increases security and guarantees that transactions are carried out with the right person.
  • Discounts and promotions are accessible with the e-Sharm Card at participating companies and merchants. Individuals may save a lot of money as a result, which will motivate them to use their e-Sharm Card more regularly.
  • The e-Sharm Card is a part of Egypt’s larger digital transformation effort, which aims to strengthen the nation’s entire digital infrastructure and improve digital services. People can take part in this revolution and benefit from all of its advantages by possessing an e-Sharm Card.

Online E Shram Card Application 2023

The e-Shram Portal, located at Register.eshram.gov.in, was created by the Ministry of Labor and Employment to make it easier for workers throughout India to view the amount of money they have provided for online registration in the government’s database.

The Government of India launched this program to give unorganized sector workers social security in the form of pensions. You can also apply for an E Shram Card online through our official website, Register.eshram.gov.in, in addition to this. We advise you to apply for an e-shram card online so you can take advantage of all the benefits since you should register as soon as possible.

Recently, money was transferred to the accounts of several people who had e-shram cards. Read this post to learn all the information you need to obtain your Shramik Card. Check the direct link for E Shram Card Self Registration 2023 after that.

You can find detailed information about E Shram Card CSC Application Form 2023 and E Shram Pension Amount in the sections below. Finally, review the complete list of benefits for the E Shram Card 2023 provided below before applying online via your mobile device or online store.

Online E Shram Card Application 2023

2023 E Shram Card CSC Application

Register.eshram.gov.in offers a second method of applying for an e Shram Card, and this can be done at a CSC center in your state or anywhere there are CSC centers in India. You can also find the CSC centers that are closest to you on our official website, Eshram.gov.in, if you need to apply for a Shramik Card 2023 there.

CSC Application for E Shram Card 2023 Workers may also apply online or by phone for a labor card; the process is done online. Since many unorganized workers are unaware of online resources like the e Shram Portal Register.eshram.gov.in, they can easily apply through a CSC center and obtain their labor card by doing so. can.

E Shram Card 2023 Benefits

  • Social security programs are accessible
  • Disability and life insurance
  • benefits of pregnancy and good health
  • senior protection
  • coverage for occupational diseases
  • Paying for funeral fees

These are only a handful of the numerous advantages of owning an E Shram Card. You may safeguard your future and make sure you have access to social security and other benefits that can support you in difficult times by signing up for an E Shram Card online or at a CSC location.

On eshram.gov.in, E Shram Card Eligibility 2023

On Eshram.Gov.In, E Shram Card Eligibility 2023
  • All employees should be Indian citizens and should only perform work in India.
  • All beneficiaries must be between the ages of 16 and 59.
  • You must contribute at least 50 to 100 rupees, and the Indian government will deposit the same amount into your account.
  • Owning a mobile phone that is connected to your Aadhar card is crucial for you.
  • You need to have a checking account.

How Do I Apply Online For An E-Sharm Card 2023?

Follow these procedures to apply for an E-Shram Card online:

  • Visit register.eshram.gov.in to access the official e-Shram website.
  • On the home page, select the “REGISTER on E-Shram” option.
  • On the new page, complete the registration form. Your Aadhar-linked mobile number, captcha code, EPFO membership status, and ESIC membership must all be entered.
  • Enter the OTP that was delivered to your registered mobile number in the OTP box after choosing to receive future OTPs on that number.
  • To finish the registration procedure, select the “Register” option.
  • Your name, address, income, age, and other personal information should be entered on the application form.
  • According to the website’s directions, upload the required documents.
  • To finish your application, click the “Submit” button.

Once your application has been filed, you can access the e-Shram site using your registered cellphone number to monitor the status of your registration and application online. Following a successful login, every employee is required to check the status of their E-Shram Card.


The e-Sharm Card serves as an essential form of digital identification for Egyptian citizens. It is a useful item to have because of its comfort, security, and accessibility to a variety of services. People can quickly register for and login to their e-Sharm Card accounts and start taking advantage of the benefits by following the instructions provided in this article. Visit register.eshram.gov.in for additional information or to download the 2023 Shramik Card.


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