State-by-State Mahatma Gandhi Employment Features NREGA Job Card List 2023

State-by-State Mahatma Gandhi Employment Features NREGA Job Card List 2023

The MNREGA Job Card: Record 2023 state-by-state has been published on the official website by the National Rural Employment Department.

Check your Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Job Card 2023 if you’ve applied for a job under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act or filled out a job request form under the Act.

list via the www. official site or this website, name-wise. NREGA.NIC.IN is available for download and review. Visit the official website to access the list of NREGA Job Cards published by the authority in 2023.

Students must be aware of the NREGA Job record 2023 when they visit the website for the first time. Let’s now talk about the NREGA Job Card 2023 in detail.

2023 NREGA Job Card List

The plan was given as a social safeguard for the right to employment. Indian provinces, specifically. The main tenet of this social measure and work law is that the national government must legitimately provide 100 days of wage work in India at the very least to improve people’s well-being.

Poor people can use the NREGA Job Card List 2023 as a tool to make money by performing unskilled labor. In 2005, the government passed the MGNREGA Act. Under this strategy, the department offers low-income individuals a chance to generate income.

For 100 days each fiscal year, employment is provided under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. The National Rural Employment Department has published the NREGA job card record.

2023 NREGA Job Card List

Details of NREGA Job Card List 2023

DepartmentMinistry Of Rural Development Government of India
Scheme NameMGNREGA
Launched ByCentral Government
Beneficiaries ofPoor Peoples of the state
Work of Day100 days
CategoryGovernment Scheme
Official web


The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, also known as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act of 2005, aims to protect the right to employment.

On August 23, 2005, during the UPA administration of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, this law was passed after being introduced in parliament by Minister for Rural Development Raghuvansh Prasad Singh.

It aims to increase livelihood security in rural areas by giving at least one member of every household whose adult members volunteer to perform unskilled manual labor at least 100 days of wage employment. Women are guaranteed a third of the available jobs under the MGNREGA.


The NREGA Job Card List’s goals

A key element in attaining the objectives of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is the NREGA employment card list. The MGNREGA program aims to increase rural households’ overall quality of life while securing their means of subsistence. The employment card list is a crucial instrument for identifying eligible beneficiaries and ensuring that they receive the benefits and earnings to which they are legally entitled under the scheme.

The government updates the job card list frequently, and it aids in keeping a systematic record of workers’ employment information, including the number of days worked and wages earned. This record guarantees that employees are paid on schedule and helps prevent any anomalies in salary payments. The job card list assists in keeping tabs on the scheme’s execution and the progression of the work performed by employees.

The NREGA job card list has aided in lowering poverty and raising the standard of living for rural households by giving access to employment possibilities and financial stability. By giving the rural population a way to live sustainably, it has also helped the government accomplish its goal of rural development. In conclusion, the NREGA employment card list is a crucial tool for ensuring the MGNREGA scheme’s successful implementation and improving the lives of rural households.

State-by-State NREGA Job Card List 2023

Another objective of NREGA Job Card List is to create durable assets. Minimum wages and employment must be available within 5 kilometers of an applicant’s home. If a candidate does not find employment within 15 days of submitting an application, they may be eligible for unemployment benefits.

That is, if the government is unable to fill those positions, those people must receive specific unemployment benefits. MGNREGA employment is therefore a legitimate right.

In addition to ensuring economic security, the NREGA also promotes social equity, safeguards the environment, empowers rural women, lowers rural-to-urban migration, and creates rural assets.

State-By-State NREGA Job Card List 2023

Check the NREGA Job Card List 2023

Now that the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has been in effect for ten years, applicants can review the specifics of the list.

The authority has made the list available for each state. countries, including the in question Union Territories. For a detailed explanation of the information on the NREGA Job Card List 2023, please refer to the article.

The applicant can view the list of people and determine their status using the information in the NREGA Job Card List 2023. Only those applicants whose names are on the list will be permitted to work under the plan.

The NREGA Employment Card List’s advantages

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’s goals can be achieved in large part thanks to the NREGA employment card list. Both rural households and the government can profit from the card list in a number of ways.

First and foremost, the card list makes sure that eligible recipients get their due benefits and pay on time. This directly affects lowering poverty and raising the standard of living for rural households. The card list assists rural households in meeting their basic necessities and daily expenses by providing prompt and sufficient financial support.

The second important function of the card list is in locating and presenting employment prospects to rural workers. The government may guarantee that job opportunities are accessible to people who need them the most by maintaining an updated list of qualified employees. The financial security and general advancement of rural laborers follow from this.

Thirdly, the card list supports accountability and transparency in the scheme’s implementation. The card list keeps track of the days worked and wages paid by employees, preventing any financial theft or dishonesty in the payment of salaries and benefits.

The card list also helps in monitoring and assessing the scheme’s success. The government can make the required adjustments and enhancements to the program to meet its goals by monitoring its development and assessing how it is affecting the lives of rural households.

How Can I Online Check NREGA Job Card List 2023?

  • Visit the NREGA’s official website at
  • You must select the Job Cards option from the Transparency & Accountability section of the website.
  • The list of all the states will now appear in a new window that has just opened. You must now choose your state of application.
  • Next, you must provide details like the Financial Year,
  • Block, district, panchayat, etc. After that, select Next.
  • You will now see a list of NREGA jobs based on your district, region, and panchayat. You can check your name here and select the Job Card Mark option.
  • Then, a notification containing the job card’s details will show up in front of you.

Online characteristics of the NREGA program

  • The Job Card Record 2023 has been prepared by the authority. By going to the online portal and searching for their name on the list, people can find information.
  • All 29 of India’s states, including the Union Territories, are included in the list.
  • Job Card record 2023 details the duration of the employee’s employment, the fixed term, and the type of work that was offered to the employee.
  • By looking up names in the job card list 2023, students can download job cards. You can find better employment opportunities by using this card.


The State-by-State Mahatma Gandhi Employment Features NREGA Job Card List for 2023 has been released on

This scheme has been instrumental in providing employment opportunities to rural households across India and has helped to reduce poverty and increase rural incomes. The government’s continued efforts to support this program are commendable, and it is hoped that more people will benefit from it in the future.


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