Offers For Airtel Prepaid Recharge, 4G Data Plans, And Net Pack

Offers for Airtel Prepaid Recharge, 4G Data Plans, and Net Pack

Plans for Airtel Prepaid Recharge: We may find that we are out of data on several occasions. If you use Airtel, though, don’t worry—these Airtel Data Plans will save the day!

In addition, these programs cost anywhere from Rs. 19 to Rs. 301. There are six such plans, so we used all of them to create a list of Airtel Recharge Plans for Data in 2022. Airtel recently raised the price of all of its plans as well.

These prices have also changed as a result. Due to the fact that the majority of users these days use 4G plans quite frequently, we have compiled a thorough list of all the most recent Airtel 4G Plans. Included are Prepaid and Postpaid Plans, Prices, Offers, Data, and Validity Details. among the leading mobile service providers in India is Airtel. The telecoms have a robust and extensive 4G network all over the nation.

Prepaid recharge plans for Airtel

Prepaid Recharge Plans For Airtel

Customers of Airtel’s prepaid and postpaid services can choose from a variety of Recharge plans. These packages offer unlimited voice calls, SMS messages, and package deals in addition to fast 4G internet. The least expensive recharge option is 10 rupees, and the most expensive recharge for Airtel is 6,999 rupees.

Customers of Airtel can select from recharge plans with durations ranging from 28 days to 365 days. Here is a list of all the most recent Airtel recharge offers and deals, along with details on how long each one will be valid.

Details of Airtel 4G Prepaid Recharge Plans

Article NameAirtel 4G Plans Prepaid  Plans
Airtel 4G Plans Prepaid PlansClick Here

Concerning Airtel Recharge Plans

Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the biggest and best-known telecom companies in the world. Airtel provides service to about 20 countries in Asia and Africa. offering recharge plans with the most benefits and the best value Airtel is one of the most well-known telecom companies in India.

Concerning Airtel Recharge Plans

We have compiled a list of the best ways to recharge your Airtel phone for your convenience. All of the current plans, including those from Airtel for Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Haryana, Chennai, and any other city, are available here. Use the simple filters to find your preferred plan and quickly recharge with the best benefits.

2022 Airtel Data and Net Packs

Recharge PlansDataValidityPrice
₹65 for Existing 4GB Data Pack4GBEXISTING PLAN₹65
₹118 for Existing 12GB Data Pack12GBEXISTING PLAN₹118
₹181 for 30 Days 1GB Per Day Data Pack1GB Per Day30 Days₹181
₹301 for Existing 50GB Data Pack50GBEXISTING PLAN₹301
1GB Data for 1 Day Pack1GB1 Day₹19
3GB Data for Existing Pack3GBEXISTING PLAN₹58
5GB Data for Existing Pack5GBEXISTING PLAN₹98
15GB Data for Existing Pack15GBEXISTING PLAN₹148

List of prepaid plans, deals, rates, information, and validity

Recharge PlanData BenefitValidityCallingSMS
Rs 19200MB2 DaysUnlimitedNIL
Rs 991GB18 DaysUnlimited100
Rs 1291GB24 DaysUnlimited300
Rs 1492GB28 DaysUnlimited300
Rs 1792GB28 DaysUnlimited300
Rs 1991GB per Day24 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2191GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2491.5GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2791.5GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 2982GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 3492GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 3796GB84 DaysUnlimited900
Rs 3983GB per Day28 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 3991.5GB per Day56 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 4492GB per Day56 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 5583GB per Day56 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 5981.5GB per Day84 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 6982GB per Day84 DaysUnlimited100/Day
Rs 149824GB365 DaysUnlimited3600
Rs 23981.5GB per Day365 DaysUnlimited100/Day

List of Airtel Data Only Plans

Airtel Data PackDataValidity
Rs. 191GB1 Day
Rs. 583GBExisting Plan
Rs. 1086GBExisting Plan
Rs. 11812GBExisting Plan
Rs. 14815GBExisting Plan
Rs. 30150GBExisting Plan

List of 2022 Airtel Unlimited Net Packs

1 GB/Day28 Days
2991.5 GB/Day28 Days
3592 GB/Day28 Days
4556 GB84 Days
4791.5 GB/Day56 Days
5492 GB/Day56 Days
6993 GB/Day56 Days
7191.5GB/Day84 Days
8392GB/Day84 Days

1.5GB per day Airtel Net Pack

Rs. 29928 Days
Rs. 47956 Days
Rs. 71984 days

with 2GB of data each day, Airtel Net Pack

Rs. 35928 Days
Rs. 54956 Days
Rs. 83956 Days
Rs. 2999365 Days

3GB of Data Each Day with the Airtel Net Pack

Rs. 59928 days
Rs. 69956 Days

Net Packs from Airtel with a Long Validity

Airtel Net Pack DataValidity
Rs. 179924 GB365 Days
Rs. 29992 GB/Day365 Days
Rs. 33592 GB/Day365 Days

List of Airtel Net pack offers

PackData/DayValidityBest offer
Rs. 2651 GB28 DaysFlat Rs. 30 Cashback with Airtel Money
Rs. 2991.5 GB28 DaysFlat Rs. 30 Cashback with Airtel Money
Rs. 3592 GB28 DaysUp to Rs. 50 Cashback With Amazon Pay Wallet
Rs. 4492.5GB28 DaysUp to Rs. 50 Cashback With Amazon Pay Wallet
Rs. 5993 GB28 DaysUp to Rs. 50 Cashback With Amazon Pay Wallet
Rs. 4791.5 GB56 DaysUp to Rs. 50 Cashback With Amazon Pay Wallet
Rs. 7191.5 GB84 DaysFlat Rs. 30 Cashback with Airtel Money
Rs. 29992 GB365 DaysUp to Rs. 50 Cashback With Amazon Pay Wallet

Airtel Net Packs Benefits 2022

Do you want details on the best Airtel prepaid, postpaid, and net pack data plans, deals, and validity times? If the response is yes, look at this article. Here are some explanations of the benefits of the Airtel Net Packs 2022. For subscribers, this plan includes unlimited, fast internet access, voice calls, and SMS. The package also offers free roaming in 145 different countries.

Airtel Net Packs Benefits 2022

Consequently, if you frequently travel, this is the approach for you! To use this plan, all you need is an active Airtel account and a 4G Airtel SIM card. Some Airtel 4G phones can also access the package.

What else are you waiting for? By looking through the available options, you can find the best Airtel prepaid data plan. With unlimited 4G plans, Airtel is providing free access to Wynk music and the Airtel TV app. Wynk Tube, a new streaming app, has been introduced by Airtel for its customers.

  • Free 4-week music theory course through Shaw Academy
  • On the Wynk Music app, you can download music indefinitely for nothing.
  • A premium Airtel Xstream App subscription

The best Airtel DTH plans & bundles for 2023

One of the top direct-to-home service providers in India is Airtel DTH, which provides a range of plans and packages to cater to the various needs of its clients. This post is for you if you’re looking for the top Airtel DTH plans and bundles for 2023. To help you get the most out of your TV viewing, we’ve put together a list of the best Airtel DTH plans and packages.

Airtel DTH has you covered whether you’re a sports fan, a movie aficionado, or just searching for a basic bundle. Their packages are reasonably priced and include a wide range of channels from various categories, such as news, entertainment, sports, and more. Additionally, a lot of their plans come with extra features like free access to well-known streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Airtel Xstream.

So, read on to learn which Airtel DTH plans and packages are best for you if you’re trying to decide. Everyone can find something to watch on Airtel DTH, whether they want to catch up on the newest TV episodes or watch their favorite sporting events.

Digital TV Value Sports Pack from Airtel

Sports fans frequently choose the Airtel DTH Sports Pack because it provides a large selection of sports channels, including Star Sports, Sony Ten, DD Sports, and others. This package also includes a selection of entertainment and movie channels in addition to sports networks. It has a one-month validity and only Rs. 374 per month, giving it a cost-effective choice for people who wish to watch their favorite channels without going over budget.

Digital TV My Plan 199 Pack from Airtel

For those seeking for a DTH plan that is reasonably priced, the Airtel DTH Value Lite Pack is a fantastic option. It provides a huge selection of channels in a range of categories, including entertainment, news, and movies. This pack, which has a one-month validity, is one of the most reasonably priced choices and only costs Rs. 199 every month. Customers can access their preferred channels without having to spend a lot of money because to its outstanding value.

My 249 Pack for Airtel Digital TV

For sports enthusiasts, the Airtel DTH Value Sports Lite Pack is a fantastic option. It has a one-month validity and costs Rs. 249 a month. It offers a large selection of channels in a variety of genres, including as entertainment, news, and movies. It stands out from other packs thanks to its emphasis on sports channels, which makes it the ideal option for individuals who enjoy watching their favorite sports in real-time. It also includes free access to the Airtel Xstream App, which enables users to stream their preferred movies and TV shows whenever and wherever they want.

My Plan 399 Pack for Airtel Digital TV

The Rs. 399 a month Airtel DTH pack offers a wide variety of channels in various categories, including entertainment, news, and movies. This pack, which has a one-month validity term, also grants free access to well-known streaming services like Airtel Xstream and Amazon Prime Video. This implies that users can watch their preferred TV episodes and films on both their TVs and mobile devices. So, if you enjoy watching movies or television, this bundle can be a wonderful choice to think about.


For a while now, Airtel has dominated the market for prepaid recharge plans. They provide a wide range of tariffs and data plans to meet the needs and preferences of everyone. As a result, they rank among India’s top prepaid plan suppliers.

So Airtel is undoubtedly the provider you want to choose if you’re looking for a plan that suits both your needs and your budget. By highlighting their Net Pack deals, we’ll bring this article’s discussion of Airtel’s prepaid recharge plans and 4G data plans to a close.


What is the 1.5 GB Airtel offer?
The 279 zero-recharge plans have durations of 60 to 90 days. Both recharge plans offer the same advantages. Under the new recharge plans, subscribers will receive 100 SMS each day in addition to 1.5GB of 4G data. Additionally, they offer cost-free local, STD, and roaming calls on any Indian network.

How much is 5GB of Airtel data?
How to activate Airtel 5GB for N1000 plan You can get access to this plan by using the USSD code. It is easy to obtain. For help creating a plan for that suite, dial 141242*1.

What does 1GB of data cost?
A 1GB mobile data plan in India costs about $0.17 per Rs.


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