Online Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate at RTPS Bihar

Online Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate at RTPS Bihar

Online Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate – RTPS Bihar The Bihar Right to Public Administrations Act of 2011 was established in Bihar to inform residents about public administrations, such as how to apply for reports like job, pay, and private endorsements within a certain time frame. For RTPS and other administrations, the public authority also offers an e-administrations office.

The RTPS Bihar entry gives residents the ability to submit an online application for these archives from any location in Bihar without having to go to an RTPS counter or office.

Online Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate at RTPS Bihar

Bihar residents must obtain documents like a caste certificate, an income certificate, and a residential certificate in order to access a range of government services, such as scholarships and programs provided by the state and federal governments.

The Bihar government launched the eservices online portal to hasten the delivery of RTPS and other services. Transparency is guaranteed because the facility would offer public utility services right away.

Online Caste, Income, And Residence Certificate At RTPS Bihar

With the aid of the RTPS Bihar – Caste, Income & Residence Certificate Online portal, numerous certificates can be applied for online. They can check the status of their application, access additional services, and download the certificate on the RTPS Bihar online portal. You can access the portal through the RTPS website.

Caste, income, and residence certificate details at RTPS Bihar

RTPS Bihar Official
Launched byBihar government
BeneficiariesCitizens of Bihar
PurposeSimplified online application for various certificates, including Bihar Caste Certificate, Bihar Income Certificate and Bihar Residential Certificate
CategoryGovernment Scheme

What Is a Certificate of Caste?

All castes in India, including Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes, and Other Backward Classes, receive a “caste certificate” from the Indian government. A Bihar caste certificate is required for members of the Scheduled Castes, Schedule Tribes, and Other Backward Classes.

Citizens of Bihar can obtain and download a caste certificate online through the RTPS portal.

What Is A Certificate Of Caste?

Income Statement?

A person can use an income certificate that the state government issues as proof of their earnings for the entire year. The organization responsible for issuing income certificates may vary between states.

For instance, the District Magistrate or Revenue Department may give it to a rural tehsildar. By self-declaring their income, citizens can apply for an income certificate online through the RTPS Bihar – Caste, income & Residence Certificate Online portal.

Income Statement?

Residents of Patna can use the RTPS to submit an online application for income certificates. The certificate, which can be generated in three to four days, is digitally signed by the District Administration.

Exactly which Residence Certificate?

A residence certificate, also known as a niwas praman patra, serves as proof of a citizen’s ongoing residency in a state according to RTPS Bihar – Caste, Income & Residence Certificate Online. This document is necessary for access to services such as water or electricity connections, government employment, and other opportunities.

  • Department of General Administration
  • Social Security Programs of the Department of Social Welfare
  • Department of Planning and Development
  • Employment Resources Division
  • Department of Revenue and Land Reform
  • Food and Consumer Protection Department

Bihar residents can use the RTPS portal to submit applications for:

  • A new income certificate or an income certificate’s issuance
  • New residential certificate / issue of residential certificate
  • Issue of a caste certificate or a new one
  • duplicate income certificate issuance or income certificate duplication
  • Residential certificate duplication or issuance of a residential certificate duplication
  • Issue of a duplicate cast certificate or a duplicate cast certificate duplication

Addition of New Services to the RTPS Portal

The RTPS portal now provides more services for inhabitants of Bihar in addition to the ones already listed. These include requesting a duplicate income certificate or the issue of a new one, filing for a new income certificate or the issuance of a duplicate income certificate, and seeking a duplicate residential certificate or the issuance of a new residential certificate.

These services are provided through the RTPS portal by the Department of General Administration, the Department of Social Welfare’s Social Security Programs, the Department of Planning and Development, the Employment Resources Division, the Department of Revenue and Land Reform, and the Department of Food and Consumer Protection.

How to Apply for RTPS Online in Bihar – Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate?

  • Select ” at
  • Click “Apply Online” after selecting “General Administration Department” from the list of RTPS services.
  • On the left side of the home page, under RTPS services, the same link is also offered.
  • The following options will be available for various services:
  • providing economically disadvantaged people with a residential certificate, a caste certificate, an income certificate, a non-creamy layer certificate (for the Bihar government), and a non-creamy layer certificate (for the Indian government).
  • To choose the service based on your needs, click on the appropriate link. The level must be chosen from the list of choices, which includes the District, Subdivision, and Block levels, in the following step.
  • The application form will appear on a new page. Enter the required data on the form, including your name, address, phone number, state, district, subdivision, village, salutation, father’s, mother’s, and husband’s names, among other things.
  • Upload the crucial documents in step six. The application should then be submitted.

Essential Documents

Essential Documents

Requests for caste certificates made online must include important documents like:

  • Identity documentation like an Aadhaar card, voter ID, PAN card, or passport is required.
  • A rent receipt, residential proof, a driver’s license, or an Aadhaar card can all be used as proof of address.
  • Duplicate ration cards

Bihar requires the following types of documentation from those seeking income certificates:

  • A birth certificate or grade report from class 10 can serve as proof of age.
  • Residential evidence.
  • Snack card.
  • Income statements such as monthly paychecks or pay stubs.

The following documentation is required in order to submit an application for a residence certificate in Bihar:

  • Card Aadhar
  • I.D. Card
  • ID for voters
  • Feeding card

Online RTPS Bihar Certificate Download

  • Click “Download Certificate” on the website to access the option to download a Bihar caste, income, or residency certificate.
  • A brand-new page will be displayed for users.
  • Choose RTPS services or another service from the drop-down menu after entering the applicant’s name and application reference number.
  • choose “Download Certificate” after that.

There are several ways the applicant can get the license or certification, including:

  • The RTPS portal’s download certificate link
  • Link to Download in SMS
  • attached email
  • DigiLocker
  • ServicePlus inbox
  • Local RTPS counter, kiosk, and community service center.

As mentioned earlier, the caste certificate for Bihar is available for download. A residence, income, and caste certificate from RTPS Bihar can be obtained offline.

Before the online application process for caste, residence, and income certificates was introduced, residents of Bihar had to go to the appropriate block in their neighborhood to obtain these certificates from the relevant department. Due to the lengthy lines of people, this procedure took a lot of time.

Bihar RTPS online: Request assistance from the Labor Resources Department

  • Through the RTPS portal, citizens can also submit applications for the Bihar State Non-resident Labor Accident Compensation scheme.
  • RTPS Bihar can be contacted using an offline method to obtain a residence, income, and caste certificate.
  • On the homepage, candidates must click the link under “Labor Resources Department”. Once there, they can access the application form on a new page.
  • Submit the form after finishing it and adding the required files.

How to Onlinely Check Application Status?

How To Onlinely Check Application Status?
  • On the RTPS portal, click “Track Application Status” under “Citizen Section” or on the right side of the page to view the status of your online request for documents like an income certificate.
  • You can track your application on the screen using either the Application Reference Number or the OTP/Application Details.
  • By entering the application reference number, choose a date between the application submission date and the delivery date.
  • After completing the word verification form, click “Submit”.
  • The appropriate service should be chosen from the drop-down menu, the word verification should be completed, and then you should click “Submit” if you want to track the application using OTP/Application Details.
  • The status of the application will be shown on the screen.
  • Bihar RTPS: To access the services offered by the Revenue and Land Reforms Department, go to the RTPS Bihar website Applying for these services online is possible.
  • Navigate to “Online Application” on the homepage. Select the applicable Revenue and Land Reforms Department services from the list of external services.
  • Once the application form opens, fill it out completely and upload any necessary files. Select “Submit.”

How do I access the Management Information Report for RTPS Services?

  • Visit the Bihar Right to Public Services and Other Services website to see the Management Information Reports.
  • Select Management Information Report for RTPS Services by clicking the button.
  • The screen will then change to a new page.
  • Your user name and password must be entered. Please enter the captcha code.
  • To access the RTPS services management information report, click “Submit” after that.

How to View a Certificate Web Copy Using RTPS Services?

On the home page of the RTPS services portal, choose the Certificate Webcopy (for Adhikar and RTPS Online) option to access this service. Enter your application ID and click “Show” on the new page to access the certificate webcopy.


RTPS Bihar’s Online Caste, Income, and Residence Certificate service is a significant effort to provide effective and transparent administration. The agency has streamlined the procedure and decreased the time and effort needed to acquire them by allowing citizens to receive necessary credentials online.

This has improved the lives of the people while also streamlining the administrative procedure. The service has been successful and serves as a fantastic illustration of how technology can be utilized to enhance the provision of public services.


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