Plans For Airtel’s Broadband In 2023 Best Airtel Xstream Fiber Plans With Costs, Advantages, And Duration

Plans for Airtel's broadband in 2023 Best Airtel Xstream Fiber plans with costs, advantages, and duration

Under its Airtel Xstream Fiber service, Airtel will provide a variety of broadband plans in 2023. These packages are made to accommodate various usage and speed needs. The options range from the cost-effective Rs 499 package with 40Mbps bandwidth up to the luxurious Rs 3,999 plan with blazing-fast 1Gbps speed. Each package has its own benefits, including access to well-known OTT apps like Wynk Music, Disney Plus Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime as well as unlimited high-speed data and calls. These plans are for a monthly period of time. Customers can take advantage of dependable connectivity and a variety of other advantages with Airtel’s broadband packages.

Price, features, and duration of the Airtel broadband plans

Broadband plans from Airtel come in a variety of costs, options, and lengths. Depending on the chosen speed and data limits, these plans’ pricing vary. The monthly fees for the plans do not include the 18 percent GST. The Wynk music app is one of the features offered by Airtel’s broadband subscriptions, along with unlimited high-speed data and calls. Since Airtel does not provide quarterly or annual plans for its broadband service, the plans’ durations are on a monthly basis. It’s vital to remember that these plans are not intended for commercial usage; rather, they are created for home use.

Price, features, and duration of the Airtel broadband plans

Basic internet plan for Rs 499 from Airtel with 40 Mbps speed

The Rs 499 basic internet plan from Airtel provides users with a dependable and cost-effective broadband option. Users can benefit from quick and flawless internet connectivity for their surfing, streaming, and downloading needs with a speed of 40 Mbps. This plan offers a compromise between performance and cost-effectiveness, making it appropriate for mild to moderate internet consumption. Whether you want to surf the web, stream videos, or stay connected on social media, Airtel’s Rs 499 package with 40 Mbps speed guarantees a seamless online experience at a reasonable price.

Airtel Rs 799 Standard Broadband Plan with 100Mbps Speed

Customers may experience 100 Mbps of lightning-fast high-speed internet through Airtel’s Rs 799 Standard Broadband Plan. Users can experience seamless streaming, speedy downloads, and fluid browsing across numerous devices with such swift connectivity. All of the advantages of Airtel’s internet service are included in this package, including free voice calls, unlimited data with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit of 3,500GB, and Wynk Music and Airtel Xstream Premium subscriptions. The Rs 799 Standard Broadband Plan provides dependable and high-performance internet connectivity to match your demands, regardless of how frequently you use the internet or how many devices you have connected at home.

Airtel Rs 999 Entertainment broadband plan with 200Mbps speed

With Airtel’s Rs 999 Entertainment broadband plan, enjoy a new level of entertainment and connectivity. You may enjoy uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and downloading with a lightning-fast speed of 200 Mbps. Keep in touch with your loved ones by making unlimited voice calls to any network in India.

But there’s more! You get access to a world of entertainment with the Airtel Rs 999 Entertainment package. A free subscription to well-known services like Wynk Music, Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Airtel Xstream premium is available. Stream your preferred high-definition movies, TV shows, music, and more.

The Airtel Rs 999 Entertainment broadband package has you covered whether you enjoy gaming, binge-watching, or are just seeking for a dependable and high-speed internet connection. With this feature-rich plan, you can improve your online experience and take advantage of the best connectivity and entertainment from the comfort of your own home.

Airtel Rs 1,498 Professional broadband plan with 300Mbps speed

Looking for a lightning-fast broadband service with professional-grade features? The Airtel Rs 1,498 Professional broadband plan is the only option. You can enjoy breathtakingly fast internet speeds of 300Mbps with this plan, assuring flawless browsing, streaming, and downloading for all your business requirements.

The Rs 1,498 Professional package offers a number of alluring perks in addition to the excellent speed. You can stay in touch with coworkers and clients without worrying about call costs thanks to the unlimited phone calls you get to any network in India.

But the advantages go further than that. You have unique access to a number of well-known platforms when you subscribe to the Rs 1,498 Professional plan. You’ll have access to all the stuff you require, from Wynk Music for your favorite tunes to Disney Plus Hotstar and Amazon Prime for never-ending entertainment.

Upgrade to the Rs 1,498 Professional Broadband plan from Airtel to elevate your online productivity. This plan is specifically designed for consumers who expect the best, offering extremely fast speeds, dependable connectivity, and a variety of intriguing extras. With Airtel, you can stay one step ahead of the competition and have a fantastic internet experience.

Rs 3,999 for irtel 1Gbps speed for the Infinity broadband plan

With internet speeds of 1Gbps, the Rs 3,999 Airtel Infinity broadband service promises an unrivaled online experience. With a 3,500GB monthly data limitation, you may browse, watch, play games, and download without encountering any interruptions. A world of entertainment is available at your fingertips with the help of this plan’s free subscriptions to Wynk Music, Airtel Xstream Premium, Disney Plus Hotstar, Netflix Premium, and Amazon Prime. The Airtel Infinity broadband package, priced at Rs 3,999, is the ideal option if you want for the fastest speeds possible together with a multitude of premium amenities.

Plans for Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband in 2023: Cost, Speed, and Benefits

Airtel Xstream PlansInternet speedsOTT AppsUnlimited callsValidity
Rs 49940 MbpsAirtel Xstream, Wynk MusicYes30 Days
Rs 69940 MbpsAirtel Xstream, Wynk Music, free Airtel Xstream TV boxYes30 Days
Rs 799100 MbpsAirtel Xstream, Wynk Music, and Shaw AcademyYes30 Days
Rs 999200 MbpsDisney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music, Zee5 Premium, and Amazon PrimeYes30 Days
Rs 1099200 MbpsDisney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music, free Airtel Xstream TV box, and Amazon PrimeYes30 Days
Rs 1,498300 MbpsDisney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music, Netflix Basic, and Amazon PrimeYes30 Days
Rs 1,599300 MbpsDisney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music, Netflix Basic, and Amazon Prime, free Airtel Xstream TV boxYes30 Days
Rs 3,9991 GbpsDisney+ Hotstar, Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music, Netflix Premium, and Amazon PrimeYes30 Days

Plans for Airtel’s broadband 2023

To compete with Jio Fiber’s offers, Airtel has unveiled a variety of broadband options for 2023 under the name Airtel Xstream Fiber plans. To meet the demands of varied customers, these plans provide a range of speeds and advantages. Depending on the plan they choose, clients can start enjoying speeds as high as 1Gbps for Rs 499 per month. The subscriptions include access to the Wynk app for music streaming, unlimited high-speed data (with a fair usage policy limit), and unlimited calls. Additionally, to improve their entertainment experience, members will receive an Airtel Xstream DTH box along with a one-month HD bundle. The Shaw Academy online learning platform is also accessible for free as part of Airtel’s broadband plans. By delivering these services, Airtel hopes to give clients high-speed broadband access alternatives in 2023.

Plans for Airtel's broadband 2023

Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband Offers Free OTT App Subscriptions

By offering free memberships to well-known OTT (Over-The-Top) apps, Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband has launched intriguing deals for its users. Customers of Airtel Xstream Fiber may now access popular streaming services like Wynk Music, Shaw Academy, Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix without paying a fee. As a result, customers are free to stream their favorite music, watch a broad variety of movies and TV series, take advantage of online courses, and access a variety of other entertainment alternatives. The decision by Airtel to bundle these OTT app subscriptions with its broadband plans provides a ton of value and improves the customers’ overall entertainment experience. Airtel Xstream Fiber hopes to deliver a complete, all-in-one broadband solution for its subscribers’ entertainment demands with these offers.

How can I obtain a fresh Airtel Xstream Fiber internet connection?

It is simple to get a brand-new Airtel Xstream Fiber internet connection. The first steps are as follows:

  • Check Availability: To determine whether Airtel Xstream Fiber is accessible in your location, visit the company’s official website or get in touch with their customer support. Airtel’s network is always growing, therefore it’s important to check if the service is available where you are.
  • Choose a Plan: Once availability has been confirmed, research the different Airtel Xstream Fiber internet plans and pick the one that best meets your needs in terms of speed, data allotments, and advantages. To meet a range of needs, Airtel offers various plans at various pricing points.
  • Ordering: After choosing the appropriate plan, you can either order through the Airtel website or by getting in touch with their customer support. Give the essential information and finish the necessary paperwork, which can include identity and residence verification.
  • An Airtel representative will come to your location to setup the broadband connection once you place your order. They’ll set up the required tools and make sure the installation goes without a hitch.
  • Activation and configuration: The Airtel Xstream Fiber connection will be activated after the installation is finished. If necessary, the representative will help you set up the Wi-Fi network and configure the connection.
  • Enjoy High-Speed Internet: As soon as the connection is active, you may begin using Airtel Xstream Fiber’s high-speed internet. Make sure to connect your devices to the Wi-Fi network or, for a connected connection, use an Ethernet cable.

How can I turn off, disconnect from, or cancel my Airtel broadband service?

Your Airtel broadband service can be disabled, disconnected, or canceled in three easy steps:

  • Visit an Airtel Store: Visit a local Airtel Store and inquire about the process for submitting a disconnection request. Complete the required paperwork, then send the request. The processing of the disconnection typically takes 3 days.
  • Email Request: To request a disconnect, send an email to In the email, be sure to include your account information and contact details. After reviewing your request, Airtel will start the disconnecting procedure.
  • Contact Airtel Customer Service: Call the Airtel customer service line and let them know you want to stop receiving your broadband service. The agent will walk you through the disconnect process if you follow their directions.

advantages of utilizing Airtel Xstream

  • High-Speed Internet: Airtel Xstream provides broadband services with varied speeds so users can take advantage of quick and dependable internet connectivity for online surfing, streaming, gaming, and other activities.
  • Unlimited Data: Many Airtel Xstream plans offer unlimited data, allowing customers to use the internet without interruption or concern for data limits or extra fees.
  • Benefits for Entertainment: Airtel Xstream plans frequently include access to popular OTT services like Wynk Music, Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, which offer a huge selection of films, TV series, music, and other content.
  • Voice Calls: Airtel Xstream plans frequently feature unlimited voice calls, enabling customers to stay in touch with their loved ones without paying extra.
    Customer care: Airtel offers devoted customer care for its broadband services, assuring timely assistance and answering any questions or concerns users may have.
  • Flexibility: Users can select the broadband package that best meets their needs and budget from a variety of Airtel Xstream alternatives with varying speeds and prices.
  • Reliability: Airtel is a reputable telecom company with an extensive network infrastructure that provides its subscribers with constant and dependable internet connectivity.

Information and support switchboard phone number for Airtel Xstream’s customer service

The 121 information and support switchboard number can be used to contact Airtel Xstream customer care. Customers who have questions or concerns about broadband can call this number to speak with the Airtel Xstream customer care team. Customers can get information, have problems fixed, and have any questions about services answered by the customer care representatives. Customers can get dependable assistance and direction for a seamless Airtel Xstream broadband experience by calling the switchboard phone number.


Airtel’s broadband plans for 2023 provide a variety of solutions to accommodate various needs and financial constraints. The Airtel Xstream Fiber plans range in price from Rs 499 for 40Mbps to Rs 3,999 for 1Gbps. With these options, you may access OTT apps like Wynk Music, Disney Plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and more, as well as unlimited high-speed data and calls. The monthly duration of these plans gives users freedom. Airtel provides a plan to meet your needs, whether you’re seeking for budget, faster speeds, or additional advantages. It is advised that you check the plans that are offered in your area and select the one that most closely matches your internet consumption and preferences.

FAQs for Airtel Xstream Fiber

Access to Airtel Xstream Fiber?
Nearly every major metropolis, including Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Agra, Ajmer, Bahadurgarh, and Mumbai, offers Airtel Xstream Fiber. To find out if there is broadband in your location, visit the official Airtel website.

Xstream Fiber subscription from Airtel?
The Airtel broadband plans costing Rs. 999 or more include an Amazon Prime membership. Access to the OTT service Prime Video is just one perk of the subscription. In addition, Wynk Music and Shaw Academy are accessible for free with all Airtel Xstream Fiber plans, including those for Rs 499, Rs 799, Rs 999, Rs 1,499, and Rs 3,999.

On Airtel Xstream Fiber, is Netflix free?
No, Netflix is not included in the cost of Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband services. You only have access to Amazon Prime Videos.


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