Birth Certificate, Income, And Caste Services Online At RTPS Bihar.Gov.In

Birth Certificate, Income, and Caste Services Online at RTPS

The government of Bihar launched the RTPS Bihar Online Portal to provide online services to the public so they could obtain essential documents without physically going to the Suvidha Kendra. Citizens can access a variety of services, including income certificates, caste evidence, residential certificates, birth and death certificates, and others, by visiting the right to Public Service website.

RTPS Bihar Online is also known as Bihar Service Plus Site. Every citizen can easily and quickly complete the RTPS Online Registration process before beginning to create their document.

The authorities will first authorize your application for the issuance of a certificate before issuing the certificate to you. If it takes a while for the evidence to be issued, you can check the status of your Service Plus RTPS Bihar application.

RTPS Online Bihar

Many individuals now have access to a wide range of services online without having to leave their homes thanks to the Right to Public Service Portal that the Bihar government launched. You can apply online for caste certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, income proofs, and other crucial documents through the Right to Public Service Bihar Online Portal.

We have made the decision to arrive here and present extensive information about the Bihar RTPS Service Plus Portal. The Online RTPS Registration can be finished by all citizens, after which they can begin gathering crucial papers.

RTPS Online Bihar

For each document you wish to obtain, you must complete the Service Plus Application Form Online. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a certificate. You should all apply online for the RTPS Bihar and submit caste or income documentation before checking the progress of your applications. Find out the specifics of the Service Plus RTPS Bihar Request Status before determining the current status of your application.

Details of RTPS Bihar Online

Service NameRight to Public Service Portal
Started byBihar Government
Services offeredIncome Certificate, Residential Certificate, Caste Certificate, Death Certificate, Birth Certificate
CategoryGovernment Scheme

How Does the Bihar RTPS Service Plus Work?

Bihar RTPS Service Plus fosters openness and user confidence in technology by offering a range of services to all registered users via coordinated e-services. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Government of India provided technical support for the creation of the website to the Department of Information Technology (DIT) of the Government of Bihar. More details on the Bihar RTPS Service Plus can be found in the sections below.

How Does the Bihar RTPS Service Plus Work?

According to the Bihar RTPS Service Plus, citizens are provided with a standardized framework for service delivery and complaint resolution. Users will be able to keep track of modifications to all different government programs and keep track of the technical and financial information related to the data they provide via the portal.

Through the portal, the applicant will be able to monitor the progress of their application. Each candidate can choose from a range of services offered by the departments listed below through the Bihar RTPS Service Plus:

  • Services for general administration.
  • Labor Resources Division.
  • Home Division.
  • Department of Planning and Development.
  • Transportation Division.
  • Department of Revenue and Land Reform.

You must fill out and submit the department’s application form in order to use any of the services that department offers.

Collaboration and Technical Support

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) of the Government of India and the Department of Information Technology (DIT) of the Government of Bihar collaborate with and provide technical assistance for the Bihar RTPS Service Plus. This partnership guarantees the creation and upkeep of the website, ensuring a flawless user experience.

While the DIT of Bihar closely collaborates with the NIC to execute and improve the services offered through the site, the NIC provides technical knowledge and guidance. Together, they guarantee the efficient operation and provision of services to the people of Bihar. The Bihar RTPS Service Plus platform’s dependability and effectiveness are greatly dependent on collaboration and technical support.

Services Offered by Departments

Through a number of divisions, the Bihar RTPS Service Plus offers a wide range of services. By completing and submitting particular application forms for each department, users can access these services. Some of the services provided are as follows:

  • Services for administrative processes, document verification, and other general administrative duties.
  • Division of Labor Resources: Provides services to workers including registration, labor cards, and access to assistance programs.
  • Police verification, character references, and other services connected to law and order are all provided by the home division.
  • Infrastructure development, planning projects, and related services are provided by the department of planning and development.
  • Vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, and other transportation-related services are provided by the transportation division.
  • Services for land records, mutation certificates, and other papers pertaining to revenue are provided by the Department of Revenue and Land Reform.
  • The services provided by several departments through the Bihar RTPS Service Plus are only a few examples. Users can browse the portal to learn more about the services offered by different departments and then follow the application instructions to easily apply for these services online.

This is a government website that accepts online applications for general administration certificates and delivers certificates online. 2011 saw the inauguration of the RTPS Portal by the Bihar government in compliance with the Public Service Rights Act.

This intends to do away with the requirement for Biharans to submit applications to the Block’s General Administration Department in order to obtain important papers including caste, income, and residence certificates.

The success of this kind of portal, which enables people to submit their applications online for optimum benefits, led the Bihar government to develop its second iteration, RTPS Service Plus Portal, in 2021.

The Bihar Service Portal now accepts online applications for more than 15 credentials, which would benefit many Bihar people. There were also issued and maintained a large number of additional types of general administration. Additionally, it saves them a great deal of time.

RTPS Service List for Bihar

Below, you can access the Bihar RTPS Service List online right now. Before continuing with the online application, make sure you have the necessary archives.

  • Income Tax Form
  • Caste Document
  • Household Certificate
  • Certificate for Non-Creamy Layer
  • Income and Asset Statement
  • Birth Registration
  • Certificate of Death
  • Character Reference
  • Renewal of Travel Agents and Tour Operators

How to Online Check RTPS Bihar?

How to Online Check RTPS Bihar?

Are you trying to get a solution for RTPS Bihar online? You’ve come to the proper location if so! We’ll demonstrate how to check RTPS Bihar online in this article. Additionally, we’ll give you step-by-step guidance on how to use RTPS Bihar and respond to any queries you may have.

Therefore, our handbook offers everything you need, whether you’re a small business owner aiming to increase communication effectiveness or a huge corporation looking to increase coordination and control across your network.

  • Visit the RTPS Portal first.
  • On the left side of the portal, select the ‘Online’ option.
  • By moving the pointer over the online application, you will see three possibilities on the new page.
  • Depending on your needs, you might opt to file for the “Issuance of Domicile Certificate, Caste Certificate, and Income Certificate.”
  • There are three types/levels of residency certificates, caste certificates, and income certificates that you can apply for.
  • in the circle
  • rank of divisional officers
  • inside a district
  • Choose the level that best suits you, then click to continue.
  • After you click, a new page with the RTPS Bihar Online Form will appear in front of you.
  • You must fill out the required information.
  • Enter the captcha code below after inputting the information, then click the Proceed button. Your application will then be submitted.
  • You can use this method to apply online for caste, income, and residence certifications.

Certificate of Income Benefits

  • Income documentation is essential when scholarships are awarded in schools or colleges.
  • To give reservations to the areas with lower incomes.
  • One can utilize the proof to obtain employment with the government.
  • The government offers free medical care, but you can only use it if you can prove your income.
  • For government and private scholarship programs, income verification is also necessary.
  • To benefit from the government’s initiatives and programs. to apply for and receive government pension payments for widowed women.

Status of the Service Plus RTPS Bihar application

  • You must have been given a request number in order to monitor the status of your Service Plus RTPS Bihar application.
  • The RTPS Service Option for which you have applied must be chosen second.
  • For application status, enter the Request Number and successfully complete the captcha.
  • When the RTPS Bihar application is authorized, you should download the evidence, which you can see on your screen right now.
  • So, using the Service Plus RTPS Bihar Portal, you may check the status of a request.


The RTPS Bihar portal, located at, offers quick and easy online services for birth certificates, income certificates, and caste certificates. From the convenience of their homes, people can use this platform to access and apply for these necessary documents.

For Bihar’s inhabitants, the online approach saves time and effort by eliminating the need for in-person visits to government facilities. A more open and citizen-centered governance system is made possible by RTPS Bihar’s streamlining of the procedure. It enables people to simply obtain the required credentials, improving efficiency and comfort when utilizing various government services.


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