Get a Retailer Id and payment services with Spice Money’s 2023 login registration

Get a Retailer Id and payment services with Spice Money's 2023 login registration

Spice Money Login – In India, among various agents and other users, Spice Money is the most well-known and rapidly expanding online service provider. It offers the advantages of numerous services. Major services offered by Spice Money include AEPS, mobile recharging, spice ATMs, money transfers, bookings, PAN cards, gas and electricity bills, and others.

You can easily take advantage of Spice Money’s service by signing up if you want to. Here, we are providing all the information on Spice Money, including how to login and details on the company’s other services.

Join Spice Money

Join Spice Money

Spice Money Login 2023 spice money, spice safar, spice money for business You are all once more warmly invited to our new post, where we have information for you on how to work as a Spice Money agent!

Retailer Registration for Spicemoney As you are all aware, there are many businesses offering a variety of portals for online transactions that allow you to withdraw money to purchase train tickets and provide identification to check your account balance.

However, we’re going to let you know that Spice Money is currently the best AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) portal in India, allowing you to use services like money transfers, withdrawals, pan cards, and more.

Spice Money 2023 Login Information

Name of the CompanySpice Digital Limited 
TypePrivate Limited
ServiceRecharge, AEPS service, ticket booking, PAN card, bill payment etc.
OfficeNoida (India)
MembershipPayment Process
Associate bankInduslnd Bank,Yes Bank, RBL etc.

Using the Spice Money Adhikari app for registration

Simply follow the instructions below to finish the registration process using the Spice Money Official APP:

  • Search for the Spice Money Adhikari app on the Android or iOS platform.
  • Select the download link.
  • Install the app then launch it.
  • Now select Join Spice Money from the menu.
  • Enter your phone number and select “Get Started” on the following screen.
  • You will now be given an OTP, which you must enter in the appropriate box.
  • After OTP authentication is complete, select the Proceed option.
  • Enter your personal information, upload your PAN card number, bank information, and many other documents on the newly opened page.
  • You must enter each of these details separately by selecting the Proceed option next to each line item.
  • Then, to get your profile approved, upload a selfie with your store and a quick announcement.
  • To finish the process, check the box next to the terms and conditions and click the submit button.
  • You will now be taken to a page where you can see the current status of your profile.

AEPS Spice Money

You must sign in to your Spice Money account in order to use this service. After logging in, you can use AEPS’s financial transaction, POS (Point of Sale), and micro ATM services. You have the option to transfer money to any bank at any time with this. A new ATM card swipe device called Money Mini has been developed by B2B Spice Money, Spice Safar, SpiceMoney, and Spice Money Login.

AEPS Spice Money

Using the information from your Aadhaar card, you can transfer money from AEPS. You receive the benefit of this facility once you log in to Spice Money. After today’s “Masala Safar” cashless option, everyone now conducts their financial transactions using the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

Login to Spice Money Agent

You can access all the services by logging in to the Spice Money official website if you have an agent Spice Money Login 2023 ID. Below, we’ve listed the crucial steps for the login procedure: –

  • To begin with, go to, the official website of b2b or spice money.
  • A new page will now appear in your view.
  • Following that, you must login using your Spice Money Agent User ID and Password.
  • To accept the terms and conditions, check the box.
  • You must now select the login option.
  • When you log in for the first time, a page to reset your password will open. The following time, you can use the login to go straight to your profile.
  • Enter your old password on the Password reset page before typing the new one.
  • Select “Reset Password” from the menu.
  • Click on the link to open a new page where you can confirm the password reset.
  • The login page will now open once more; enter your user ID and the newly confirmed password.
  • When you have finished, select the login option to access your Spice Money profile.

Reset Login Password for Spice Money Agent

  • You must first go to, which is the site’s official Spice Money Login 2023 address.
  • Now, on the login page, select the Forgot Password option.
  • Enter your User ID after that.
  • Enter the captcha code now, then select “Submit.”
  • Following that, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number you provided.
  • Put that OTP in the space provided.
  • Next, make a fresh password with a minimum of one numeric digit and a length of 8 to 15 characters.
  • Enter the password again in the following field, then select the Proceed button.

On the B2B Register, Spice

On the B2B Register, Spice

Spice Money Login 2023 offers both online and offline registration options. Here, we provide the pertinent information:

Inactive Mode

  • To obtain the form in this mode, get in touch with the nearby authorized Spice Money dealer.
  • You now need to carefully fill it out with the necessary information.
  • After that, give it to the dealer along with a scanned copy of a few of your identification documents, such as your photo ID, Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank passbook, or checkbook.

In-Situ Mode

The official website and the Spice Money Official APP are your two options if you choose the online registration method.

  • You must first go to, which is the official website for b2b or spice money.
  • Start with a cost- and rental-free period. On the homepage, select the Join Us or Find Your Digital Shop option.
  • Select Join Us from the menu.
  • A new page will now open with two options for you to choose from: one is to download the app, and the other is to share your information in the bottom right.
  • To share your information, choose that option.
  • Your name, email address, phone number, and other details will now appear on a new page that will now open. You must upload your photo, PAN card, and other documents as well.
  • Click the submit button after that.
  • Officials from the Spice Money team will contact you as soon as possible for additional processing.

How Do I Apply Online For Spice Money Login 2023?

  • You can sign up by going to
  • You must now conduct a B2B search on the official website.
  • You must enter your user ID and password to log in on the subsequent page.
  • Click the OK box provided below after carefully reading the terms and conditions and confirming your agreement.
  • Click on the login button to return to the home page.
  • You can reset your password if you are having trouble logging in.
  • You must select Reset Password in order to change the password.
  • Once the password has been changed, you can log in and use the b2b services.

What Services Are Available Through Spice Money?

Now, we’ll let you know that if you want to obtain a SpiceMoney Retailer Registration/Agent ID and you want to conduct business using “Spice Safar” SpiceMoney Banking and other services, we will provide it to you. Let’s activate it:

  • The taking of money
  • Checking your bank account balance
  • Transferring money across India
  • Withdrawals from an ATM
  • A train ticket
  • Insurance
  • Application for Pan Card
  • Purchasing airline tickets
  • Booking a hotel

What Records Are Needed By A Spice Money Retailer?

  • Card Aadhar (Self Signed)
  • Card Pan (Self Signed)
  • Agent’s color passport-sized photo
  • Reject Check

How Can I Send Money From Spice Money AEPS To A Bank?

You can easily send money from your wallet to your bank if you have that much money. There will be a fee associated with this, which will be taken out of the wallet. Money transfer fees in the amount of Rs. 25000/- up to Rs. 5 and Rs. 25000 to 2 Lakh will be deducted. Verify PICME, TSB, and GEM.

  • Log in first using your ID, then select “AEPS Settlement.”
  • When in transfer mode, enter the amount and choose IMPS to IMPS or NEFT.
  • Click “Change” and then “Add Account” to change banks.
  • If not, leave the bank that has already been added.
  • then select “Transfer.”

Key Characteristics Of The Spice Money Login Page

  • Spice Money allows for multiple balance inquiries per day.
  • Customers’ mobile numbers can receive SMS notifications of cash withdrawals.
  • Spice Money has VLE ID for PAN Cards available.
  • Only five rupees are charged to transfer wallet money to the bank in the year 25,000.
  • Spice Money offers attractive and high commission rates as well.
  • Any issue can be addressed by customer service.
  • You can select a commission chart in Spice Money based on your preferences.

How Can I Get My Money Out of Spice Money?

  • Open the Spice Money app or the official website first.
  • In the AEPS section, select “Cash Withdrawal.”
  • Select “Bank” next.
  • Enter the customer’s Aadhaar card number.
  • Enter the customer’s mobile number.
  • Embrace basic agreement.
  • After that, select “Scan to Check Balance.”

Customer Support Services

You can contact their customer service support for help if you run into any issues or challenges trying to enter into your Spice Money account. You can get in touch with the Spice Money customer service staff by calling their toll-free number, 1800-572-0276, or sending an email to

They offer customer service support around-the-clock to help you with any queries or issues relating to your Spice Money account. You can get in touch with them if you’re having difficulties logging in, if you’ve forgotten your password, or if you need assistance utilizing the platform’s various features.

The customer service representatives will be pleased to help you with any problems you may run across because they are well-trained and informed with the Spice Money platform. They can assist you reset your password if you have forgotten it or walk you through the login procedure step-by-step.

Spice Money offers an online chat facility where you may immediately talk with a customer care agent to receive prompt assistance in addition to their toll-free number and email service. Their website has an online chat option that is accessible whenever and from anywhere.


Finally, creating a Spice Money login can provide you access to a Retailer ID and practical payment options. You may quickly sign up and gain access to Spice Money’s comprehensive range of financial services in 2023 by following the straightforward steps described above.


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