10th Grade SSLC Results For Tamil Nadu, 2023 Tnresults.Nic.In

10th Grade SSLC Results for Tamil Nadu, 2023 tnresults.nic.in

SSLC score for Tamil Nadu: – Hello! The most recent URL for the Tamil Nadu 10th Result SSLC results website is provided here. You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for the Tamil Nadu 10th SSLC result website link. The website for the Tamil Nadu 10th result can be downloaded using this link. Check your results by downloading them from the link provided. I’m grateful.

On June 20, 2023, in the afternoon, Government Practical Tamil Nadu officials will publish the results of the minor school-leaving proof on their official website. The date of the 10th examination was May 6, 2023, and a sizable number of students from all over the state attended.

You can check your internal board results on the board’s official websites, dge.tn.gov.in and tnresults.nic.in, after the results have been announced. On tnresults.nic.in, students can also view their individual board results. On August 23, 2023, the tenth result was announced, and all of the students were classified as passing.

Results for Tamil Nadu SSLC

The results for Tamil Nadu SSLC Results 10th Result 2023 were released on June 20, 2023 at 9.30 AM on the official website by the Directorate of Government Examinations, TN. Students are required to enter their registration number and date of birth in order to access the Tamil Nadu 10th Result 2023. It begins on June 27, 2023, and the application deadline is July 4, 2023.

Results For Tamil Nadu SSLC

The SGA Madhyamika 2023 results have been made public based on a different method of evaluation. This article contains all the details you require regarding the TN SSLC Result 2023. Continue your studies to learn more about the TN board class 10 results, details on supplemental applications, and other topics.

10th result for Tamil Nadu SSLC 2023 details

Exam Board NameThe Directorate of Government Examination
Exam Namedge.tn.gov.in Exam 2023
Exam ScheduleMay to May 2023
CategorySarkari Result
10th Result 2023 DateJune 2023
Official Websitesdge.tn.nic.in

Concerning Tamil Nadu Board

The difficult task of administering the Board examinations for students enrolled in the State Board in Grades X and XII has been given to the State Board School Examinations (Sec.) & Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, Tamil Nadu, also known as the Tamil Nadu State Board.

The mark certificates given to standard X and XII students are regarded as a crucial and valuable document for pursuing higher education and looking for employment opportunities.

In addition to the aforementioned, this Board also administers tests and awards diplomas for the ESLC, Government Technical Examinations, and the Elementary School Licensure Certificate. (Eight Std – Private Study). Additionally, this Directorate administers scholarship exams including NMMS, TRUSTS, and National Talent Search Examinations.

Concerning Tamil Nadu Board

There are 7 regional offices for this directorate, located in Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Chennai, Cuddalore, and Vellore. These regional offices handle the logistical work for the transportation of exam-related stationery items, the distribution of funds for holding exams, and the distribution of mark certificates.

The State Examination Directorate will today release the Government of Tamil Nadu, 10th Result 2023. Students should visit the official website, dge.tn.gov.in, to view the results of the 10th Supplementary Exam. Candidates must enter their registration number and birthdate in order to verify the outcome. The 10th result for the Tamil Nadu SSLC and related information are available here.

Merit List for TN SSLC

The 10th grade results for Tamil Nadu will soon be released. The results of the 10th grade exam in 2023 were eagerly anticipated.
The 20th of June at 12:00 PM will mark the release of the Tamil SGA School Exam 2023 Results. We will immediately update this page with the live link so that you can quickly and easily download your results. The 10th Class Result, also known as the Tamil Nadu SSLC Results 10th Result 2023, was scheduled by the council for government examinations of TN from May 6 to May 30, 2023. The result will now be uploaded.

Merit List for TN SSLC

Download link for the 10th result in Tamil Nadu SSLC results

The Tamil Nadu SSLC Results 10th Result 2023 is quickly approaching. Check out the results’ website link now that it is available. Keep an eye out for our announcement of the exam’s date and time.

Good news has arrived in the interim for everyone who applied for the Tamil Nadu SSLC exam: your application has been approved. By clicking the link below, you can download the results from this website. We wish you all success on your exams.

Download Link For The 10th Result In Tamil Nadu SSLC Results

Tamil Nadu Cut Off for 10th

The Tamil Nadu 10th Re Exam Result 2023 is available on our website, www.tamilanwork.com. You can visit the website frequently to get the most recent information on government jobs, including the minimum educational requirements and maximum age for the Jobs 2023 that are currently published. Find all information on this job as well as all state government jobs, federal government jobs, railroad jobs, Defiance, and all current government jobs on our website.

How Can I Check the 10th Grade SSLC Results for Tamil Nadu Online?

  • Visit dge.tn.nic.in, the Tamil Nadu Examination Board’s official website.
  • The home page will appear on your computer’s screen.
  • Look for and select the “Result” button.
  • As soon as you have entered your roll number and birthdate, click the “Get Marks” button.
  • Your outcome will be displayed on the screen of your gadget.
  • Download the TN HSC and SSLC result 2023 as soon as possible.

What is the Tamil Nadu SSLC Results 10th Result 2023 pass percentage?

The passing rate for the Tamil Nadu SSLC Results 10th Result 2023 is currently around 90.07%. This indicates that among the students who have already taken the exam. With time, this number will give a reliable indication of how well prepared these students are for the upcoming 12th Standard exams, even though it may change as more students take it.

How many students took the 10th grade test for the Tamil Nadu SSLC results in 2023?

According to the data in the Tamil Nadu 10th Result 2023, there were 9,37,859 students who registered to take the exams.

How Many Students Took The 10th Grade Test For The Tamil Nadu SSLC Results In 2023?

What percentage of students took the Tamil Nadu SSLC Result 10th exam?

Over 9,37,859 students had taken the Tamil Nadu SSLC Result 10th exam as of 2023. This represents a significant increase from prior years and demonstrates the fierce competition for admission to the best colleges in Chennai.

Which Tamil Nadu SSLC Result 10th exam score was the lowest?

In the VELLORE district, 79.87% of students pass. The TN SSLC or class 10th results are available on the http://tnresults.nic.in website. The class 10th or TN SSLC exam results are now available. If a candidate took the test, they can check their results here.

Tamil Nadu’s SSLC Results Grading System

Based on the grades pupils receive in each topic, Tamil Nadu’s SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) Results Grading System assigns grades to the results. The scale for grades is A1 to E, with A1 representing the highest grade and E representing the lowest.

Students must earn between 91 and 100 points to receive an A1 grade, while 81 to 90 points earn an A2 grade. Similar to this, a B1 grade is given for scores between 71 and 80, a B2 grade for scores between 61 and 70, a C1 grade for scores between 51 and 60, and a C2 grade for scores between 41 and 50. A D grade is given to students who receive between 33 and 40 points, and an E grade is given to students who receive less than 33 points.

It’s crucial to remember that in order to pass the exam, students must receive at least a 35% in each subject and a 35% overall score. Exam failure is judged to have occurred for students who have a score below this.

Tamil Nadu’s SSLC Results Grading System is a useful tool for assessing student performance and assisting them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it promotes consistency in the evaluation process and guarantees fair scoring.

If You Fail the SSLC Exam in Tamil Nadu, What to Do?

Although it can be distressing for students to fail the SSLC exam, it’s vital to keep in mind that it’s not the end of the world. In Tamil Nadu, there are numerous options accessible for students who don’t pass the exam:

  • Exam Supplement: Students who do not pass the SSLC exam may take the exam supplement offered by the Tamil Nadu Directorate of Government Examinations. The exam can be applied for through your school, and it’s often held in June or July.
  • Revaluation: Students who are dissatisfied with their test results may choose to have their response scripts reevaluated. The request for revaluation must be made within the allotted time limit and include all required fees.
  • Students who don’t pass the SSLC exam can run as private candidates the following year. However, only pupils over the age of 14 are eligible for this choice.
  • Vocational Courses: Students who do not pass the SSLC exam may choose to enroll in courses that will help them find jobs.

It’s critical to keep in mind that failing an exam doesn’t mean your academic career is over, therefore students shouldn’t give up. Students can use their setbacks as learning opportunities and succeed in their future attempts if they have the correct mindset and perseverance.


We are happy to announce that the Tamil Nadu 10th result 2023 website link is now accessible. Make sure to visit the website for the most recent updates as our team has been working hard to provide all the latest information there. Stay current on all the most recent news by downloading the link to the Tamil Nadu 10th result 2023 from the section below.

Questions and Answers

How do I find out my Tamilnadu 10th grade SSLC result for 2023?
To access their results, students must use the web browser to go to tnresults.nic.in or www.dge.tn.gov.in. Look for the TN 10th Supplemental Result 2023 in the website dashboard. Your registration number must be entered on the result link. Name and birthdate of the individual.

How do I check the results of my SSLC online?
The SSLC result for Karnataka 2023 is accessible on the official websites karresults.nic.in and kseeb.kar.nic.in. Students who want to view the KSEEB SSLC result 2023 Karnataka Board must first enter their registration number. To view the most recent Karnataka SSLC result information, click Here.

How do I get my Tamilnadu 10th grade marksheet?
Candidates should always use the official link dge.tn.gov.in/ to download their grade reports for grades 10, 11, and 12. The only legitimate link to download marksheets is this one. Even if you’re looking for the SSLC marksheet download, all of the marksheets are only accessible via the official link.

How do I receive my SSLC results via SMS?
How can I get my mobile phone’s SSLC results via SMS? To gain access, simply text KAR10 to 56263 in the message field. You should receive the response shortly after sending the designated text message to the number. If you’re using a desktop or laptop, you can check the results online.


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