What To Do If Your Bank's Limits Are Reached

Daily Limit For UPI Payment How Can You Tell If You’ve Exceeded Your Limit?

Daily Limit for UPI Payment How Can You Tell If You've Exceeded Your Limit?

The daily UPI payment cap is as follows: UPI has made life easier for the majority of us. The payment mode is one of the most widely used digital methods. You might occasionally exceed your daily limit due to the simplicity of payment.

Yes, there might be a daily transaction cap on UPI. Check out the transaction limitations for Google Pay, PhonePe, Payam, and other UPI payment apps: Report. You have to deal with a variety of apps, banks, and combinations when using UPI to make a payment.

Two non-banking apps, PhonePe and G Pay, still handle the majority of transactions. One explanation for why a transaction fails so frequently could be the daily limit.

Daily Limit for UPI Payment How to Detect

Money can be sent to mobile devices registered with third-party UPI apps by payment users: directions on how to use it There are daily and monthly limits on the amount of money you can send or receive.

Depending on the app, UPI, or bank you use, different limits might apply. See also: In India, Google Play will now accept UPI Autopay for purchases involving subscriptions.

Daily Limit For UPI Payment How To Detect

Details of the UPI Payment Daily Limit

Article NameUPI Payment Daily Limit
UPI Payment Daily LimitClick Here
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Daily UPI Transaction Limit

The daily transaction cap for the UPI network has been set by each bank individually and varies from bank to bank.

Cash free Payouts allows businesses that want to send numerous UPI payments to send money to any UPI ID, bank account, Paytm wallet, or Amazon Pay. For instance, SBI and Bank of Baroda have a daily UPI transaction cap of Rs. 1,000,000. For UPI, there is no daily transaction cap.

Daily UPI Transaction Limit

Weekly UPI Transaction Limit

Additionally, a weekly UPI transaction cap has been set by some banks. For instance, Rs 30,00,000 is the monthly transaction cap for IDFC UPI.

Limit on UPI money transfers

According to NPCI guidelines, a person may only make up to Rs 1 lakh per day using UPI. The daily UPI transaction cap varies by bank, with smaller institutions like Canara Bank allowing only Rs 25,000 and larger institutions like SBI allowing Rs 1,000,000 per day.

Monthly UPI Transaction Limit

Both limited public sector banks and reputable private banks have set a monthly cap on UPI transactions. For instance, IDFC bank has set a limit of Rs 7,00,000 while SBI has not set a limit for UPI transactions.

Limit on Google Pay UPI transfers

For all UPI apps and bank accounts, Google Pay permits up to ten transaction limits and daily transfers of up to Rs 10,00,000. In particular, GPay removes daily transaction limits when a money request totals more than Rs 2,000.

Limit on Paytm UPI transfers

With Paytm UPI, users can send up to Rs 1 lakh. The maximum number of transfers per Paytm hour is 20,000. For Paytm, the hourly rate is five and the daily rate is twenty transactions.

Limit on PhonePe UPI transfers

PhonePe has established a daily limit of Rs 100,000 for UPI transactions. The cap, though, might vary depending on the bank. Furthermore, a person is only permitted to make a maximum of 10 or 20 PhonePe UPI transactions each day, depending on the requirements of the bank.

Limit on Amazon Pay UPI transfers

Additionally, Amazon Pay has limited the amount that can be transferred using UPI to Rs. 1,000,000. It should be noted that users can only conduct transactions up to INR 5,000 within the first 24 hours of signing up for Amazon Pay UPI, with a daily transaction limit of 20 depending on the bank.

What to do if your bank’s limits are reached

If your daily transactions are less than the UPI limit but you are still having problems, try a different bank account. Your bank might have set restrictions on how much you can send and receive. You can also speak directly with your bank to get more information and clarification about the exchange failure.

What To Do If Your Bank's Limits Are Reached

Use a different bank account, if possible

Don’t panic if you find yourself using UPI and over the daily transaction cap set by your bank. Consider switching to a bank account with higher transaction limits as one of your options. It’s important to do some research to choose a bank that meets your needs because different banks may have different restrictions on how much you can send or receive each day.

To find out more about the transaction limit and to seek clarification, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your bank directly in addition to checking with other banks. To help you manage your transactions more successfully, your bank might be able to provide you with solutions or propose alternatives.

Remember that UPI has its own daily transaction limits, so even if you change banks, you can still be constrained by those limits. To execute your financial operations without reaching any limits or encountering exchange problems, transferring to a bank with greater limits, however, can give you more flexibility.

Inquire with your bank for more details

It’s crucial to get in touch with your bank if you’re having problems with UPI transactions in order to identify the root of the problem and potential solutions. The transaction limits and other restrictions that might be affecting your payments might be learned from banks.

They can also provide advice on how to fix any problems you’re having, such updating your account information or modifying your transaction limits. You can make sure that your UPI transactions flow well and eliminate any potential difficulties or delays by cooperating with your bank. So don’t be afraid to ask your bank for help if you’re having issues with UPI payments.

Possible Causes for Exceeding Daily Limits

In a single day, you try to send more than one million yen using all UPI apps.
You make more than ten attempts to send money using all UPI apps in a single day.
A request for more than 2,000 yen is made.

Partner Bank-Wise Limits for UPI

To help you understand the per day and transaction limits, we’ve listed the top 15 banks.

Sr. No.Bank NamePer Transaction Limit (INR)Per Day Limit (INR)Per Week LimitPer Month Limit
1Axis Bank1,00,0001,00,000NANA
2Bank of Maharashtra10,00020,000NANA
3Bank of Baroda25,00050,000NANA
4Canara Bank1,00,0001,00,000NANA
6Federal Bank1,00,0001,00,000NANA
7HDFC Bank1,00,0001,00,000NANA
8ICICI Bank10,00010,000NANA
9IDBI Bank25,00050,000NANA
10Kotak Bank25,00050,000NANA
11Punjab National Bank1,00,0001,00,000NANA
12State Bank of India1,00,0001,00,000NANA
13Standard Chartered Bank1,00,0001,00,000NANA
14Union Bank of India1,00,0001,00,0005,00,00020,00,000
15Yes Bank1,00,0001,00,000NANA

Daily Transaction Limit for PhonePe

  • The daily transaction cap for PhonePe is one lakh Indian rupees. (Rs. 1,00,000)
  • The PhonePe daily cap is 20 transactions within a 24-hour period.

Limit for SBI UPI Transactions

  • According to NPCI, the maximum UPI transaction limit for SBI is Rs 100,000 per transaction.
  • The daily UPI transaction cap for SBI is Rs 100,000.
  • The value of a UPI transfer is not restricted by a weekly or monthly cap.

ICICI bank’s UPI Transaction Limit

  • The per-transaction ICICI UPI transaction limit is Rs 10,000.
  • The daily UPI transaction cap for ICICI is Rs 10,000.
  • The value of a UPI transfer is not restricted by a weekly or monthly cap.

If you are a business and need to send a lot of UPI payments, use Cashfree Payouts to send money to any UPI ID, bank account, Paytm wallet, or Amazon Pay. For UPI, there is no daily transaction cap.

The preferred payment method is UPI

The Preferred Payment Method Is UPI

UPI is anticipated to replace cash as the preferred method of payment for P2P (person-to-person) and P2M (person-to-merchant) transactions. Since we have always believed that UPI is a transformative force in the Indian payments ecosystem, we at Cashfree were quick to jump on the UPI bandwagon. The following is a list of a few features that a UPI payment gateway can offer.

  • Improved customer experience thanks to simple integration
  • Recurring Bill Option for Your Subscription Business with UPI Autopay
  • Easily shared UPI Payment Links over Whatsapp or text
  • Easy reconciliation with virtual UPI IDs
  • Option for payment via dynamic or static QR code

What is the general cap on the amount of money that can be transferred via UPI?

The maximum amount of money that can be transferred through UPI per day should be Rs 1 lakh, which can be done in 20 transactions. The table below demonstrates how different banks have different maximum UPI payment amounts.

One of the most widely used mobile payment systems in India is UPI. UPI, which has over 100 million active users, is a practical and quick way to send money to friends and family. But how much money can you actually send using UPI each day? Also, is there a cap?

These and other inquiries will be addressed in this article. We’ll also give you tips on how to use UPI to its fullest.

Increasing the UPI Transaction Limits by Using Multiple Bank Accounts

Users who need to make larger transactions frequently find a way around the UPI transaction limits by using numerous bank accounts. To accomplish this, you can link several bank accounts to your UPI ID and perform transactions using each account up to its permitted maximum.

You can efficiently expand your transaction limits without having to rely on a single bank by connecting several bank accounts to your UPI ID. Businesses and individuals who frequently need to conduct larger transactions may find this strategy to be especially helpful.

It’s crucial to remember that while having numerous bank accounts can enhance your UPI transaction limitations, doing so also makes the payment procedure more difficult. Users are responsible for making sure each account has enough money in it to cover their transactions and for keeping track of which account was used for what.

The usage of numerous bank accounts for UPI transactions may incur additional fees, which consumers should be aware of. A fee may be assessed by some banks for transferring money between accounts as well as for linking several accounts.

Users that need to extend their UPI transaction limits may find having numerous bank accounts to be a useful solution overall, but it’s crucial to carefully weigh the costs and potential pitfalls of employing this approach.


It’s likely that you have reached the daily limit if you have been using the UPI payment gateway for a while. We’ll talk about the daily limit and what happens when you reach it in this post. Finally, we’ll explain how to determine if you’ve used up your daily allotment.


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