What is 2s in Train Booking: Important Information Before Making an IRCTC Train Reservation

What does the 2S in a train reservation mean? Are second seating, below average, and 2S comparable Take a look at the information below before starting your IRCTC train reservation.

Indian Rail Lines has delivered an inventory of trains, and reservations for these trains will start on The trains would be held together tightly and have AC mentors on board.

Passengers are free to select the seat of their choice. The general mentors will also have seats reserved. Continue reading to find out what 2S in preparation booking and the schedule means.

What is 2s in Train Booking: Important Information Before Making an IRCTC Train Reservation

What is 2S in a train reservation

Train reservations frequently use the 2S, or two-stage, method of reservation. With this type of reservation, travelers can choose to purchase their tickets on the day of travel or make a reservation in advance.

This means that by purchasing your tickets in advance, you can not only guarantee a seat but also save money. 2S is the way to go if you’re new to train travel or need to book a lot of trains.

What Is 2S In A Train Reservation

Second seating or second seater is indicated by the letter S on train seats. The seats are held in place by the benches. This coach cannot accommodate passengers sleeping because there are no seats and it is a sitting arrangement.

The majority 2S seating area has three seat neighbors on each side, but some of those neighbors are in the minority 2S seating area.

Details Of 2s In Train Booking

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What is 2S in a train reservation

There are various types of seats available on Indian trains. You could, for instance, travel in a sleeper or air-conditioned coach. Your train tickets’ price is based on the seat type.

For instance, an AC berth on a train will be more expensive than a sleeper berth. One should be aware of the various seat types and their features when riding a train.

On a train, they are free to choose any seat based on their preferences. What you may be familiar with is 2S in the train. Continue reading to discover more details about 2S in trains.

What is 2S in a train reservation

Understand before starting

Different types of seating are available on Indian trains. For instance, you can take a sleeper coach or an air-conditioned coach. Your train tickets will cost more or less depending on the type of seat you select. A sleeper berth in a train will be more expensive than an AC berth, for example. Understanding the different seat types and their characteristics is crucial when riding a train.

They are free to select any seat on a train based on their preferences. Is it possible to say that you are familiar with 2S in trains? To learn more about the characteristics of 2S in train, keep reading.

Knowledge of 2S in trains

Indian Railways’ second seating class is designated as 2S. Benches serve as the seats in the seating category known as 2S. The 2S class’s seats can be combined or slightly divided.

A cushion may or may not be present in the 2S class seats as well. Many train passengers reserve a 2S seat because this class is in the reserved section. The lowest reserved class in Indian trains is the 2S class, also referred to as the second sitting class.

2S Ticket Booking AC Chair Car should not be confused with other cars in trains. The AC Chair Car has seating as well, but it also has air conditioning. Air conditioners will not be provided to passengers by 2S.

However, traveling in 2S class will provide you with additional fundamental amenities. In addition to other amenities, the 2S class has a charging station, a toilet, a reading light, a fan, and an emergency exit window. On some trains, there is a 2S class with a small table for passengers. The 2S class should not be confused with the general coaches on Indian trains.

2S class in reservations

You must reserve your seat in the 2S class in advance. Online reservations are available for 2S seats, which are typically benches. A 2S seat in a train has no sleeping accommodations because it is only used for seating. It’s a smart option for a 4-5 hour trip.

If you need to sleep during long journeys, you can reserve a sleeper/AC berth. The seating arrangement in 2S coaches is typically 33. Some 2S coaches may also have a 3*2 seating arrangement. Not every train needs to have a 2S coach. For instance, ANVT Hums Far (12595) lacks a 2S coach. One can look for a 2S seat on the train before departing or making a reservation.

Are general seating and 2S equivalent?

In trains, there is both general and 2S seating. There is a difference between 2S and general seating even though some trains may appear to have identical seats. In a train, the second row is set aside for a specific class, while the first row is open seating. For instance, when you purchase a train’s general ticket, you do not receive a seat number. You can choose any seat in the general coaches if you have a general ticket.

On the other hand, if you reserve a 2S seat in the train, you will be given a specific seat number. You are the only person allowed to use your reserved 2S seat in the train. If you need to travel a long distance, stay away from general class because it might get crowded.

Are General Seating And 2S Equivalent?


The IRCTC’s one and only service is the ability to transact business with the Indian Railways’ PRS System online.

With additional restrictions for online booking, all such transactions are subject to the Indian Railway’s reservation and booking policies. The specific guidelines and terms of service that apply to online reservations are detailed in this document.

Government laws and regulations govern IRCTC’s adherence to this agreement. Of India, and nothing in this Agreement shall limit IRCTC’s ability to comply with law enforcement inquiries regarding your use of this Website or the information you provide to or that IRCTC receives from third parties regarding your use.

You agree that IRCTC may, in its sole discretion, provide law enforcement, government officials, or any other third party with information about how you use the website in order to resolve disagreements or complaints about the website.

ticket purchasing

Ticket purchasing Opening day is 120 days prior to the departure date from the train station of origin (excluding the date of travel). Please be aware that some intercity day trains have an ARP (Advance Reservation Period) of less than 60 days.

Tatkal reservations open one day before the scheduled departure of the train from the starting station. For instance, Tatkal Booking will start if the train is scheduled to depart from the starting station.

How much does the 2S class cost?

How Much Does The 2S Class Cost?

What are the prices for the 2S train classes? The 2S seats are the cheapest. For instance, the average cost of a sleeper ticket from Delhi to Lucknow is about INR 350, while the cost of a 2S seat is about INR 175 per ticket.

Checking the cost of 2S seating for any train is possible thanks to an online ticketing system. When traveling nearby, passengers favor 2S seats. Reserve your seat on the 2S train right away.


One of the most widely used websites for booking trains in India is IRCTC. If you want to get the most out of your train booking experience, it’s critical to understand the ins and outs of this platform given the volume of users.

We’ll go over a few important points in this post that you should be aware of before completing your IRCTC train reservation. We’ll go over everything, from ticketing options to payment options! Therefore, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned user of train booking, be sure to read this post!

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